Official Facebook Las Vegas 2021 dates announced on Morrissey Official FB (5 dates, Aug. 28 - Sep. 5, 2021)

Dates re-emerge via Official:


Note: 27th omitted and 29th added.

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Vegan Cro’s parents regret the condom splitting
I enjoyed the last show from several rows back, then again, my hurling myself onto the stage days are over.

Or, at least I’d like to believe. ;)

Lol, mine ended in 2017, when I fell into the gap between the barrier and stage at a Bunnymen gig and ended up with 10 stitches in my leg.

Slim Jim

iv worked my whole life,my kids are up and away so every penny i earn is mine to spend on whatever i like.
Pony-up then, little shooter. You’re absolute free to piss away your hard-earned money any way you see fit. If you’re booking a flight and hotel, I’d suggest investing in cancellation insurance. ;)

I Reckon

I reckon there is no fek'll cunt tit twat bull ox fark arse way this is going to be cancelled, maybe postponed again but Moz Vegas along with the casinos are packed now and the California Son has been jamming with John Frusciante and Nancy down at Sunset Sound going over the set list.

I like the high price of the tickets, keeps the foreigners from spending their life savings making their way to Moz Vegas and then to Moz Angeles to stalk the California Son's house, also keeps away the rif raff from New Youraaaawk and Cheecaaaawgo from making the trip in nn nnnn nnn nnn n it.
Those prices also keep away the delusional Argentines who think Moz gives a shit about them.


Active Member
Well, just hold on, if it's going to be anything like the last Hollywood Bowl show - there were last minute discount tickets available for $20.

Tick Tock Sami Pinarbasi

Las Vegas will never be the same?

Haha. He's truly gone snooker loopy.

Mr Propers Ghost

Don't get your hopes up people. The word in the concert industry is all of 2021 is already scuppered.


Always amusing to read rants from those who *still* think Morrissey personally sets the ticket prices... :laughing::rofl:

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