"Lady Willpower" c/w "Rainbow Valley" - physical single release (available Aug. 23, 2019); artwork

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By davidt on Jul 10, 2019 at 3:48 PM
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    Feb 12, 1997
    Lady Willpower. - Morrissey Central
    July 10, 2019

    Morrissey's physical single/45 "Lady Willpower" will be available to buy on August 23rd.

    The song was originally recorded by Gary Puckett and the Union Gap, reaching number 2 in the U.S. in 1968.
    The B-side is Morrissey's version of "Rainbow Valley" by The Love Affair which reached number 5 in the U.K. in 1968.


    The single is released by BMG Records worldwide.

    Artwork (above) is actor Stanley Baker from the 1962 film "Eva".

    "Lady Willpower" has already been premiered on Radio 2 by Alan Carr.
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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by davidt, Jul 10, 2019.

    1. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      Funny, I gave him this exact still a while back with some other gifts.

      Though he did edit it.

      Love it! And it’s a great movie that I’ve recommended to folks here before.

      Also Love Affair are British.
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    2. JoeSellMozza
      Who has interest at all? Morrissey is racist, facist and evil as a human being, or is there some hope?
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    3. Anonymous
      Could be.
      "Rainbow Valley" is an old favourite of his. It was mentioned in Autobiography.
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    4. Pokey
      Still more covers? Maybe there is hope It Happens Every Time will still see the light of day!
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    5. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead

      "I catch sight of Margaret, who is in my class at St Wilfrid’s and who has a red birth mark on her right cheek, and I wave a wave that she returns, but the brimstoned boy that she is with rockets towards me and lands me an upper-cut so fierce that I am unable to see for a full minute. When my senses return, I am voluntarily rescued by Billy O’Shea, who is also from my class and who whomps the boy with a swing that I am assumed unable to deliver. Smiling Billy returns this duty some weeks later at school when I find myself singled out for a ferocious whack in the yard. As a blow lands, I fall, and from nowhere Billy O’Shea shazzams and rips the head off the ass-backwards assailant. And the world turns.
      Before leaving for America, Mary had once again escorted me to Paul Marsh, where I had chosen Rainbow valley by the Love Affair, a group led by impish Steve Ellis, who has a mannish voice. I am thrilled to death whenever the Love Affair appear on television, as I am with the Foundations, who are led by Clem Curtis in cheap-looking high-waisted trousers, smiling all the way through Back on my feet again with a chorus that never ends. Lazy Sunday by the Small Faces is an urgent investment, and their singer is Steve Marriott, another puckish working-class runt, yet naming Noël Coward as his hero, and the canvas for investigation broadens out."

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    6. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      ‘the flowers speak to me’... well, that shouldn’t be a problem if nature is your language. :)

      Wonder if they’ll have a female singer like on the original? hope so.

      Here’s the lovely lyrics for the lovely ones that still care...

      I'm heading home again,
      'cause it still seems I don't fit in.
      And the world ain't all
      I thought that it would be.
      From this hill I'm looking down,
      upon that friendly town.
      There's a place I know
      that's paradise to me.
      The sun always shines
      down in my Rainbow Valley.
      There's one that's always mine,
      down in my Rainbow Valley.
      You can love and share a dream,
      beside that crystal stream.
      So lead me where the rainbow ends
      in our valley.
      The bird's sweetest song
      comes from my Rainbow Valley.
      They sing the whole year long
      down in my Rainbow Valley.
      The flowers speak to me,
      an' say our love should be.
      And heaven oh sweet music
      flows from our valley
      I'll never leave;
      I belong in Rainbow Valley.
      For life to love is free,
      there's no wrong in Rainbow Valley.
      When ever we can fly
      through the cotton candy sky.
      So lead me where the rainbow ends
      in our valley.
      The sun always shines
      down in my Rainbow Valley.
      There's one who's always mine
      down in my Rainbow Valley.
      I'll never leave;
      I belong in Rainbow Valley.
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    7. Anonymous
      Passionsjustlikemine.com also mentions:
      • In an interview given to Len Brown in 1997 for the "Brit Girls" series, Morrissey mentions loving this band in the 1960s.
      • Their song "Rainbow Valley" was played during intermission on the 1997 Maladjusted tour.
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    8. ThePoliticalRevolution

      EVA. It's great. It's been years since I've seen it. Jeanne Moreau is my spirit animal. I love her.
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    9. Radis Noir
      Radis Noir
      More covers? Has his songwriting gone the way of his novel writing...?
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    10. Eric Hartman
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    11. NealCassidy
      Cover will change before release no doubt
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    12. Anonymous
      Steve and the band recorded quite a few more covers than they could squeeze onto an album, so there are some left in the vault.
    13. Johnnie Ray
      Johnnie Ray
      This song sucked in 1968 and it sucks now.
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    14. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      It’s an awesome song then and now, and Morrissey will make it even better with his golden voice.

      Wouldn’t have been on CS which was only North American artists.

      Wonder if originally he was thinking of mixing it up with artists from everywhere.

      Would have been nice to have the Buckley song instead assuming that it would have contrasted and then so complimented Lady Willpower.

      Last edited: Jul 10, 2019
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    15. Anonymous
      He should have covered a Billy Bragg song for the B-Side, just to wind him up.
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    16. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      There’s an amazing album waiting in the wings, and maybe he’ll write another novel... just for you.

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    17. IsNotFunnyAnymore
      Lady Willpower is a crap song. Surprise he has even done a version of it! Typical Alfa-male feeling horny saying "come here girl I want to f*** you!". And Morrissey calls himself a feminist?! Really? He's good at convincing people he's innocent of any bad making, but we are starting to see his true colours. Now extend your arms and your hands and say... Heil Morrissey!
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    18. The Truth
    19. Stephen Hofmann
      Stephen Hofmann
      Interesting alternative vid, loads of girls in black leather in the background waving sten guns about. Like a promo for the Baader Meinhof gang.

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    20. Anonymous
      Know what you mean.
      They don't know each, I don't think.
      At first I thought he just copied Mozzer. But I noticed a number of things he said, did Moz would do later. I mean suddenly mentioning Bruce Lee, public enemy, certain quotes.
      I think they are just freaks. Probably lots of freaks who are into this shit and talk like that. Difference they are like clones if each other lol.
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