Morrissey Central "LA CERVEZA" (October 19, 2020)



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“So, drink, drink, drink
And be ill tonight”

Might stick like a bullet in my gullet, (the can looks warm)
I would give it a go though.
I like an IPA on occasion.
And so I drank one
It became four
And when I fell on the floor
I drank more

Any more drink (booze) mentioning songs?
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"We're acclimatized to safe figures who brand themselves as a commodity like a soft drink, palatable at first but devoid of any substantial nourishment"

I beg to differ
The rebrand is better than a soft drink and as for substantial nourishment I don’t give a flying fig.
Drink drink drink and be ill tonight.

I was happy in the haze of a drunken hour.

Past the pub that wrecks your body.

Oh the alcoholic afternoons.

Give us a drink, and make it quick, or else I'm gonna be sick.

I've always liked the fact that Morrissey needs a drink to stop him being sick, whereas most people get sick from drinking.
“I tried to surprise you with vodka or tizer”

I trust nobody has mentioned this cracker?
I have trashed all the boozers in town
And it's your turn now
'Lover -To-Be'
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