Knitted "Mini Moz" charity calendar 2012


Yet more "Yes please!" messages not followed up by payment.:rolleyes:

It's pink, it's frinky and it's the very last one. £6.25 delivered (extra £1 for overseas), plus whatever "extras" I have left.
Sold! That's all, folks. Thanks again to everyone who bought a calendar this year. The total raised is just a smidge under £350. xxx

I've got my first photo in the bag for the 2013 edition..... :D

PS: I can still re-order subject to a minimum of 5 orders. These will have to be paid in advance of me ordering them from the printer, as I don't want to get stuck with supposedly sold calendars again. Thanks. :)
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My local Cats Protection treasurer just emailed me to say she'd got the second cheque. That's £350 in total to help the kitties. Thanks again to everyone who bought a calendar. Next year's charity; Dogs Trust? WSPA? Ferret Rescue? We'll decide in the Spring but suggestions welcome any time. xx
I'm getting a sudden rush of enquiries for the 2012 calendar. I'm sorry - they sold out months ago, but the photography for the 2013 version is done, so I hope to be posting order details in the early Spring.

Thanks for reading. :)
Hi, all. I hope you're enjoying your 2012 "Now My Heart is Wool" Mini Moz Calendars.

The 2013 Mini Moz Charity calendars are now here! Very early, I know, but I saw a good print offer and pounced!

All proceeds will be donated to Cats Protection; last year, we raised over £350. Can we top that this year? :)

There are 60 desk calendars available. There will not be a re-print. All calendars are the colour scheme shown.

Extras: Single calendars will come with a postcard and a small magnet. The first ten orders for two calendars will come with a postcard, a small magnet and a large calendar magnet. For each calendar you buy, you will get an entry into the prize draw which will be drawn after all the calendars are sold. The prize is.... a Micro Moz!


Prices, including P&P: UK - £8.25
RoI & Europe - £8.75
Rest of World - £9.25

Delivery is by Royal Mail second class, airmail or by surface mail, as applicable.

Ordering and Payment:

Please contact me with your order BEFORE sending payment, to ensure I have stock remaining. Email me on [email protected]

I will reserve your calendars prior to payment for no more than five days. After that time, they will be returned to stock; I turned down potential sales last year through people ordering and then vanishing.

I accept Paypal or UK cheque/postal order. I can accept cash in sterling or euros but I can't give change as sending the coins would increase the postage costs. Cash and postal orders are sent strictly at buyers' risk.

Thank you,

I've sold a quarter of them already :) ; I know it's early in the year for buying calendars but remember that I'm not doing a reprint this time (too much messing about for little return), so please order soon. Thanks. xx
I'll be away at Mum's until the weekend. Please keep placing your calendar orders - I'll reply via my mobile internet but obviously, I won't be here to send to them off until next weekend. Thanks. :)
Half the 2013 calendars are now sold - thank you. :flowers: Once they've all gone, there'll be a knitted "Micro Moz" winging his way (in a lasagne box) to the winner of the prize draw. :)
Hi all. I still have some 2013 calendars left. Last year I got a flush of late orders from people wanting to buy them as Christmas presents, by which time they had all sold out. Don't wait and be disappointed - grab yours now - preferably before the postage goes up and takes an even bigger chunk out of the charity proceeds!

To order, email me on [email protected]

EDIT: Remember, for each calendar you buy, you get a free entry into the Micro Moz prize draw to win this little chap: DSCF0196 Micro relit reduced marked.jpg
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Re: Knitted "Mini Moz" charity calendar 2013

I've recently sent a cheque for £270 to Cats Protection, in respect of 2013 calendar sales so far. Thank you. :flowers:

The remaining stock should raise another £100 if I can sell them all. Remember that every calendar you buy gets you a chance to win your own 6" "Micro Moz". :)

2013 Product Shot.jpg

(PS: Mods, would it be possible to amend the title of this thread to " Knitted "Mini Moz" charity calendar 2012 and Now 2013" or something else that reflects the availability of the 2013 edition? Thank you. xx)
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Re: Knitted "Mini Moz" charity calendar 2013

Hi. I've sold several more calendars since I last updated although I still have some remaining. As it is now August, in order to ensure that the calendars reach their purchasers in time for the New Year, I'm going to have to switch postage options and send non-European orders by airmail rather than surface mail. This, unfortunately, increases the postage costs, so I'm going to have to hike the price, not by the full increase but enough to cushion the loss to the charity fund. Orders for a single calendar outside Europe will cost £1 more, thus a total of £10.25. If you are ordering two calendars, the total will rise by £1.50, making £20 in all. UK, Eire and mainland Europe prices are not affected.

The new prices will take effect at the end of this week, so if you want to order calendars on the cheaper surface mail option, please order before Sunday. :)

I'm afraid to say that my fundraising efforts are facing an ever-growing obstacle in the form of postage and PayPal charges and for this reason I'm not sure that there will be a 2014 calendar. The 2013 version has only been viable because of a huge discount customers got from the printers due to an error they made on the calendar design web templates last year (one that didn't affect my calendars anyway). In the absence of such a bonus, the return on 60 calendars wouldn't justify the time and effort it takes to shoot, edit and caption, then package and post them. Perhaps I'll look at the Cafepress/Zazzle etc options for 2014. Any other suggestions are welcome.

Thanks to everyone who has bought a Mini Moz calendar since Lori and I first embarked on the project. :flowers:
Re: Knitted "Mini Moz" charity calendar 2013

Down to the last 12 calendars. As soon as these are sold, I'll draw out the winning name of the Micro Moz prize draw.

Prices including P&P: UK - £8.25 (£16 for two)
RoI & Europe - £8.75 (£17 for two)
Rest of World - £10.25 (£20 for two)

Each calendar comes with a maxi postcard and a fridge magnet - and a chance to win Micro Moz.

Paypal to [email protected]

PS: I'm planning to go abroad for two weeks' holiday from next Thursday (6th Sept). You can still place orders during that time but I won't be able to dispatch the calendars until I return. I don't know what (if any) internet access I'll have while away, so please don't be concerned if you place an order and don't get an acknowledgement. Orders placed before 5th September will be posted before I leave. Thanks.
Re: Knitted "Mini Moz" charity calendar 2013

Down to the last half-dozen now. As soon as they are sold, Micro Moz will be on his way to someone's letterbox. Every calendar you buy gets you a ticket in the prize draw to win him. :)DSCF9813 micro 7 to go.jpg
All the 2013 Calendars are sold and a second cheque will be on its way to Cats Protection next week.

Thank you to everyone who helped the cats by buying or donating. :guitar:

The winner of the Micro Moz doll is Nina in Finland.


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