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By davidt on Jan 6, 2012 at 6:04 PM
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    Feb 12, 1997
    An anonymous person writes:

    Oh, Kit. You really do exist.
    This song is just too beautiful not to be heard & shared amongst Morrissey fans everywhere. My apologies in advance for the somewhat degraded quality. Enjoy.


    PS- If anyone out there is good at cleaning up old audio, please feel free to do so and then kindly share it back here so that we may all have a cleaner copy. Thank you, David, for maintaining this site throughout the years. Your work is appreciated. And that is why the news of this song is debuting on your site.

    Some background:

    According to Mozipedia, "Kit" (Morrissey/Boorer) is a "Studio outtake from the 1997 Maladjusted album sessions".

    "Kit" lyrics - bozboorer.com

    Update Jan. 6, 11:40 PM PT:

    Song on YouTube via the InMozWeTrust Facebook page:

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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2012 (read-only)' started by davidt, Jan 6, 2012.

    1. Uncleskinny
    2. sander
      Excellent, thank you so very much.
    3. matto
      Kudos! Thank you anonymous poster and to David!
    4. Anonymous
      2minutes 47 seconds in.... lololol! No wonder he wasn't too happy with that vocal!
    5. Anonymous
      I believe this was a rough cut, done with some other recordings during the Maladjusted sessions. Hence, the less-than-stellar vocals. Still, it's divine and I can not fathom why he dismisses this song as "irrelevant"??
    6. Anonymous
      Oh Alain, so much to answer for...The copy floating around has HIS watermark on it.
    7. Anonymous
      Bless your heart THANK YOU!!!!
    8. Jamie
      Very lovely to hear, after all these years - wonderful song. Unless the audio degrading has made them decidedly more obvious, I suspect the "one set of synth strings too far" may have been the tipping point for keeping this in the vault. It should at least have been on a B-side, if not Maladjusted properly.The drum sound is very similar to a number of Maladjusted songs so I believe the vocal is the only thing that may be considered a "rough cut."Given the track history of views on Morrissey-solo, I fear Boz's response will be negative, but he should be cheered that so many of Morrissey's - and his - true fans are finally afforded an opportunity to discover this.

      Edit: Just also noticed on the lyrics link that there are additional lines at the end of the song that Morrissey does not sing. Intriguing.
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    9. Anonymous
      Fantastic...but already anticipating the wrath of Moz once he hears about this leak.
    10. Anonymous
      ? Boz wrote this one, not Alain.
    11. mr.m
      Thanks so much :horny:
    12. Anonymous
      Correct Boz did co-write the song with Morrissey and with every song, each band member as well as the producer are given copies of the recording for rehearsal/input purposes. It is Alain's copy that is out, not Moz, Boz, Gaz or whoever else was a part of the production. This has been floating around for years and all copies have come from the same origin.
    13. Tom
      Well, not only is this a pretty poor copy, it's not even the full song. This version has been abruptly faded out, and doesn't include the triumphant ending and final bit of vocals. Moz goes on and closes out the song starting with "I'm reaching out to you...", the lyrics have been posted before, but rest assured, the song continues on. It sounds to me like this person had a copy of a copy (of a copy?) and possibly the end of the song was cut off on the cassette. After sitting on it for many years, that person transferred it and decided to make their own fade and post it for the masses. That's my theory anyway.
    14. Orson Swells
      Orson Swells
      It sounds like a demo of a really great song with a rough Morrissey vocal take. A more polished performance, perhaps a less clunky backing, and it would have been fantastic. There may be a cleaner, crisper version out there, of course. Certainly a superior song to much of the Maladjusted album. It should have been finished and either used on the LP or as a quality b-side. Great to finally hear it after all these years though even in this poor quality state...

      It begs the question why wasn't it remixed and released on the Maladjusted redux.
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    15. Jamie
      How is it known that this came from Alain's copy, even if it had slipped out years ago? If it emanated from anyone in the band at the time, I assumed it came from Jonny Bridgwood, since he was out of the Morrissey scene. He allowed Simon Goddard to hear the original 'Vauxhall' cassette with 'Fast Car, Sharp Bend, Goodbye' so it stands to reason.
    16. Jeanette
      Tom is right- I've heard the song before and there is more to it, which makes it even better. Fantastic song. The quality of this copy doesn't begin to do it justice. But at least we have it now. Oh, and Boz is the co-writer.
    17. Anonymous
      Thank you! This is awesome. Certainly wasn't expecting to see this today. Now that the song has finally been made public, perhaps those with who have the apparently cleaner or longer version would like to come forward to share what they've got? But I don't mean to sound ungrateful to the person who shared this version. How great to finally get to hear it after all these years!
    18. wemissumoz
      Big improvement over that live Boz version from a while back. This is actually a pretty good song. Thanks for sharing.
    19. andrew from sydney
      andrew from sydney
      Absolutely love it - thanks whoever!

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