Kirsty Young on giving Morrissey vodka to relax

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    Sir David ‘fave guest’ of Desert Discs host - Herald Scotland


    Young, 48, added that she would often go to extra lengths to try to relax interviewees, including sharing a bottle of vodka with ex-Smiths frontman Morrissey.

    She said: “I try and make my castaway at ease. Once people relax, they’re more likely to open up.

    “And we had it on good authority that Morrissey drinks neat vodka, so we made sure we had a bottle.

    “When my producer said: ‘Would you like some tea or coffee... or vodka?’ “Morrissey said: ‘Vodka.’ I had one as well. I wasn’t going to have a cup of tea when Morrissey was having a vodka.

    “I didn’t drink it. He did.”

    Jason also sends the link to the article in The Guardian:

    Roll over Beethoven: Desert Island Discs stars pick pop over classical - The Guardian


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    1. Anonymous
      You can keep trying but he ain't going to take the bait.
      That is all you have to say about the good times, shame on you, really.
    2. Uncleskinny
      It's a story about Morrissey in the news. You are free to redress this perceived slight by finding whatever story you like and posting it. It seems you dislike stories that don't fit your image of the man. Do something about it. Find a story in the news about Morrissey you like and post it. No one will stop you.
    3. Anonymous
      I was referring to Kristeen's comments, not you posting it.
    4. Anonymous
      I shall send an email to the BBC political affairs programme Question Time and inform David Dimbleby to get a case of grey goose in. They've been trying to get our very opinionated pop performer Steven on the show for years but he refuses every invitation, ( he probably wants the questions emailed to him in advance :cool: but it don't work like that :rolleyes: ).
      Now we know how to loosen his tongue and give him some Dutch courage this should be funnier than ever. :guitar:

      God save the Queen.

      Benny-the-British-Butcher :greatbritain::knife:
    5. Uncleskinny
      In which case, my apologies.
    6. countthree
      Thank you for posting this link. It shows the awful way Morrissey is treated in his own country. Those bootlickers never miss a single opportunity to win some points with the establishment.
      That article says more about the interviewer than about him. We all know he doesn't like interviews and he is not abstemious, so it's understandable he accepted the drink he was offered. Time has shown he wasn't between friends, so he had all the reasons to be nervous and in need of something to relax him.
      It's not ladylike making comments about what did consume or didn't consume a guest. If an interviewer makes that it's unethical. If they considered it was weird to drink vodka, they shouldn't have offered it, or asked for it like she did. I only hope he was offered a good quality vodka and that it helped him to tolerate the time he had to spend with those people.
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    7. Mr Delaney
      Mr Delaney
      Er, perhaps you mistook Kirsty Young the radio presenter for Kristeen Young the singer?
    8. Anonymous
      I don't get your point. Moz generally likes a drink (nothing wrong with that), has nothing to do with being nervous. The article states that the BBC people THOUGHT he needed a drink to relax and not that he actually needs a drink to relax.
    9. Anonymous

      What is your opinion on Benny posting something negative and never returning to a thread, for any news item?
    10. Uncleskinny
      Fuck off Paul
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    11. AztecCamera
      Me reckon no wonder why Uncle Steve hates "the UK". I reckon this is all bull ox anyway. Everyone knows Uncle Steve only drinks Corona with lime. What a bunch of wackers tossey.
    12. Watson
      Can we just delete this thread and start again? It seems to have gone very strange very quickly...

      Thanks for posting the original article.
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    13. Anonymous
      A bit like Steve's career of late don't you think ? :thumb:

      Benny-the-British-Butcher :greatbritain::knife:
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    14. Irregular Regular
      Irregular Regular
      I tried to surprise you
      With vodka or Tizer...
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    15. Anonymous
      My apologies.
    16. Anonymous
      Give it a rest. He is not Robert Shaw. He is free to drink just like anybody else. Who cares?
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    17. Anonymous
      Boz has his own branded beer - what we need now is Mporium to start selling Morrissey-branded vodka. Just whack a picture of his face on the bottles, and "I drank too much and I said too much" and watch the money roll in!
    18. Watson
      No, not really. I guess it depends upon how you define 'strange', I suppose.

      On a different subject, I remember that you were very vocal in stating how Johnny Marr's autobiography would give the 'bots' sleepless nights and it would reveal the supposedly hideous truth about Morrissey and his behaviour. I've just finished reading it and all I could detect was that Marr absolutely loved Morrissey and doesn't have a single bad word to say against him. Have I missed something that you picked up on?

      I'm not being confrontational and I'm certainly not a 'bot' (despite how the above may read) I'm just interested in understanding your reading of things.

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    19. gordyboy9
      i remember when Kirsty was presenting the Scottish news a long time ago,shes done well for herself.never known a scot not to finish a drink.

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