Kill Uncle was released 20 years ago..

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Nevin didn't write all the songs Kill Uncle although he wrote the best ones (Sing your life and Driving your girlfriend) and probably the worst (Harsh truth). Nevin didn't, at first, understand the way Morrissey works, and had anticipated developing the songs a lot more before they were recorded. That's probably why his songs got noticeably better with time.
People often forget that Nevin wrote a number of post Kill Uncle songs including The loop, I've changed my plea, My love life, You're gonna need and I know it's gonna happen someday. Arguably, these songs tower above the quality of much/most of the recent stuff. The Loop was even a highpoint of a relatively recent tour.

I know people will argue that the Nevin songs did sound pretty good live, nevertheless I believe that he was a pretty poor writing partner to Morrissey.


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I agree, the album was poor although a couple of great songs stand out I think (End of the Family line is my favourite).
Here's a theory, Mozzers collaborators (apart from Marr) have always been junior partners and consequently he appears to allowed to overly self indulgent and we get a high quotient of duff songs. There never appears to be someone who could tell him to hold back (the roles I guess Lennon andbe Mcartney played).
I think his present band are so clunky and predestrian. He's been with them so long and the last album really showed that. It's as if he has not the confidence to collaborate with bigger names. The recent gigs are very similar to what he was doing 10 years ago, there is no progress. He is such a marvellous artist, it truely saddens me to think what he could be doing rather than plodding along with a Southend covers band.


I like the album. It's not my favorite, but I enjoy listening to it. I love 'King Lear" and "Driving My Girlfriend Home." (I like all of the songs really, except "Mute Witness.")

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I guess Kill Uncle isn't a great album because it was not well produceed and the tracks weren't well-written. I've been thinking wjy I have never liked this album and found out why:
- The songs aren't interesting and their melody are boring.
- The Album sounds unfinished and the songs sound demo.
- I really hate the cover
- Morrissey doesn't seem comfortable in singing this album.

But there's an important thing that MUST be mentioned:
- This album was the first one since Smiths' break-up to recieve a tour.


I'm very much looking for an Australian and a Venezuelan Kill Uncle LP



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I was too young and ignorant of Morrissey to enjoy the tour at the time.
I love the album though. 'Our Frank' and 'Sing your life' being my personal favourites.
Wow! Twenty years? That is incredible... Was high school that long ago?ugh..I had just started driving and my best friend and I would listen to this constantly in my firebird. Oh the good old days! Moz looked incredible during this tour. I went to three shows.


I have always liked this album. The lack of production is a bonus..

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Good god 20 years? I remember the summer it came out. Played it non stop. It's such an anomaly of an album. Def has a place close to my heart.


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Ditch the piano and drum machine it might have been ok! I'm sure there is a great album in there somewhere.
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