Kick Neal Cassady Down The Aisle


Below are the first couple of lines (basically) of all 12 WPINOYB songs in order, arranged as some sort of poem. Why? Because we can:

World peace is none of your business
You must not tamper with arrangements
Neal Cassady drops dead
And Allen Ginsberg’s tears shampoo his beard

Don Juan
Wife beater vest
When he first cried his mother died
I had tried to be his guide

Earth is the loneliest planet of all
Earth is the loneliest planet of all
March, April, May
She crammed night and day
I hadn’t seen her smile in a while

Mad in Madrid
Ill in Seville
Bastille mausoleum
Stockyard, churchyard, your mammy’s backyard
See in me the side of you
That sometimes makes you jump with fright

Kick the bride down the aisle
And make no mistake
It’s the best you can do for anyone’s sake
The joy brings many things
It cannot bring you joy

Oboe concerto
All the best ones are dead


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