Kevin Cummins Morrissey / Smiths photo postcard box to be released (Dec. 7)

Just pre ordered it. It does look really beautiful and such a lovely item to own. Kevin released the same thing about Joy Division but it says sold better to be safe than sorry.:D
Thanks Dave for this :thumb:
Cheers Moz
They are just postcards, but... they aren't half beautiful

31 Kevin Cummins pics as postcards in a nice box - just what every collector wants from Santa this year

Morrissey & The Smiths - coming soon
Arriving in stock Dec 7th. Available now for pre-order.

A collection of 31 postcards featuring Kevin Cummins images of Morrissey and the Smiths, presented in a hand finished box, made in Manchester.

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25 Brittish Pounds is too much , with lots of pics alreasd known, one can make yer own
with a scanner/printer, not that I advise that, it's way to expensive for 31 Postcards

oh yeah Im Dutch, that explains it all

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