Kevin Cummins: "Morrissey: Alone and Palely Loitering" hardback due September 2018

As mentioned by 'anon' in the SER website thread - here are further details:
(book image is lousy on Amazon).


Initial Waterstones link from anon:
More detailed Amazon links:

150+ photographs in a 'coffee table' book.
256 pages.
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So is this book worth getting? Are there many unpublished photos?? What are the essays like???

My Morrissey fandom started in 1990 and Kevin Cummins photos arguably helped seal the deal at that time so I am hoping I get this book for Christmas (or something.) If it is a bit shit though I can live without.

I should add I follow KC on the gram. Is that how the kids speak nowadays?


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I pre ordered the book and got it at the beginning of September, and yes it’s worth getting, especially now it’s about £10 less than I paid, oh well I have had the extra time to enjoy it. Kevin Cummins is doing a talk in Liverpool in a couple of weeks to which I am going, the book and my Joy Division one of his will be going too , so hopefully he will sign them. I follow him on Twitter, very informative especially if you are a Man. City fan !

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Finally ordered my copy over the weekend and it’s due in another day. Had some extra cash plus the price was waaaayyy down. Listed now at $25 plus I had a $10 credit so I’m getting it for $15 out of pocket with free shipping. Patience (and poverty) paid off this time.


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We made it, a good evening, interesting tales and no he doesn’t approve of recent activities
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Morrissey’s shirt in the British Music Experience, the last time I visited I awaited his picture to appear on the wall of fame in vain, I asked a guide where he was, the reply was he wasn’t there but Andy Rourke had been in the week before, the staff had emptied the shop of Smiths merchandise and got him to sign them, at least there is something on show now

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