Kettering, OH - Fraze Pavilion (Sep. 11, 2019) partial


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Kettering, OH - Fraze Pavilion (Sep. 11, 2019) partial

There are two sources from youtube:

Bearcats Rising-Again : 1/10/11/14/17/21/22 - Above average to Good audience recording (8,0)


ThePolarExpress : 19/20 - Average audience recording (6,0)

Fichier audio MP3 / 320 kbit/s
90 Mo

1/ Alma Matters (Bearcats Rising-Again)

2/ I Wish You Lonely (Missing)

3 / How Soon Is Now? (Missing)

4 / Suedehead (Missing)

5 / Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself (Missing)

6 / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris (Missing)

7 / Morning Starship (Missing)

8 / Wedding Bell Blues (Missing)

9 / Lady Willpower (Missing)

10 / I Am Hated For Loving (Bearcats Rising-Again)

11 / That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore Loving (Bearcats Rising-Again)

12 / If You Don't Like Me, Don't Look At Me (Missing)

13 / Munich Air Disaster 1958 (Missing)

14 / Break Up The Family Loving (Bearcats Rising-Again) :thumb:

15 / Never Again Will I Be A Twin (Missing)

16 / The Bullfighter Dies (Missing)

17 / Jack The Ripper Bearcats Rising-Again)

18 / Life Is A Pigsty (Missing)

19 / Some Say I Got Devil (ThePolarExpress)

20/ Hairdresser On Fire (ThePolarExpress)

21 / Back On The Chain Gang (Bearcats Rising-Again)

22 // Everyday Is Like Sunday (Bearcats Rising-Again)


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it's awesome. We Have got to find a LIFE IS A PIGSTY video of this tour
How does someone start recording and stop as song gets going please tell me what could possibly be going through there minds

Too bad for "Life is a Pigsty" in two parts 1,51 and 2,58 but cut before the end of the song...
Pity the sound quality was good, for example I extracted from the same source (P Weiss)

I Am Hated for Loving
- mp3 320 kbit/s



I am not BBC scum
Now if we could do that for WHAT SHE SAID in Rochester we are least till Texas and I'll get Houston .....getting pumped a week from today
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