Kelly Clarkson covers "How Soon Is Now?" for Kellyoke


From the Lone Star State

“Call me morbid...” I just appreciate when anyone, famous singer or a fellow-karaoke drunkard, publicly shows the love I share for Morrissey and The Smiths.


American Idol has ruined music, this is the show that gave us Daughtry and a bunch of other corporate whores, and no one should forgive Queen for that Adam Lambert thing. :rolleyes::poop:
There were plenty of assholes ruining music before Idol got its grubby little mitts on it.

Miss Ann Thorpe

Can't see what the fuss was about, "oh, I can't press play"...

Don't know much about Kelly Clarkson but she did a good job with this great song, definitely bringing something different to it. At least, also, more people may become interested in The Smiths music which is no bad thing

Seymour Glass

Horrendous. An absolute insult to everything Morrissey/Smiths related. Why is this person famous?

Moz Fan

I like the fact that a current successful pop artist likes and sings The Smiths. That's enough for me.

The Seeker of Good Songs

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The audience clapping along....


Don't Leave Us In The Dark
Meh. Sounds ok but immediately forgettable version. It needs Moz stalking the stage whipping his mike lead around like a savagely suave lion tamer.
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It's OK. There aren't many these days doing much to highlight Morrissey in a positive way, so can't help but see it as good publicity.

Dirk Blaggard

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I'm not keen on the sound of the song, but I do not dislike it.. I think she can sing.
I also, think it's good when a light entertainment artist attempts a song, which in someways isn't the usual "go to".

I don't think M would be as cruel about her effort , as some .
I agree with what someone said above, at least she gives it some welly.. And its way better than this delicate wispy hushed whisper singing which has been popular among women for the last 10 years, at least .

Its so cliché.. Just like M Manson talking a delicate song and giving it some monster , the women's reverse of that is just as bad, take a monster song and whisper all over it

Lujissey .Moz is Luz

I felt like I should give it a chance but it's horrible. I think Morrissey is probably one of the hardest singers to cover because he is such a big part of the finished product and is still pretty much unique. Covers are interesting when they make it their own but he's on the list, for me, of people whose songs rarely ever escape the impact of the original. Even David Bowie doing a Morrissey song was disappointing whereas Morrissey's version of "Drive In Saturday" is better than the original, in my opinion. It's not that Morrissey is better or more talented because he's probably neither, but there is something he puts into his work that kind of stamps it as his own.
unique style. Morrissey Style.There will be none equal there will be none.

Lujissey .Moz is Luz

I do not like the version but she does not sing badly.and also to sing a cover is to express admiration for the authors of the song and is a tribute to the band

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