Morrissey Central "KAREN CARPENTER WAS OBVIOUSLY A GENIUS" (September 1, 2020)




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Didn't Morrissey write something similar about The Ramones? Its yet another odd post on Central and 37 years after she passed away.

joe frady

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My namesake insulted.

Try not to take it personally.

Isn't Moz supposed to be on the side of all Karens...? :rolleyes:


Dwyer Bikini Pixxx

Looks like ol’ Mozzer has recovered from mourning his bikini clad mum and is back to his usual daily rubbish thoughts.

Famous when dead

Personally, anyone uploading/saving tiny screenshots as 3.15mb PNGs instead of JPGs is probably not as suited to judging 'genius' as they may think.


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Screenshot seems to have been taken by Merck Mercuriadis, if you look closely you can see his Instagram profile pic in the lower right hand corner. 🧐

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I'm surprised by this. The hate is usually reserved for brother Richard.


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There’s no debate Karen Carpenter is way cooler. And she was a total badass drummer.
Damn straight. I think if you search here you'll find me suggesting Goodbye To Love as a song Moz should cover. As for Superstar - not too many good cover versions - Sonic Youth's was pretty grim. I've been listening to Rumer recently, who Bacharach endorsed on her album. Smooth, classy voice, and a reincarnation of Karen. She was indeed a wonderful woman.

The Tormentor

Superstar by Sonic Youth is in fact a fantastic cover version. Incredibly atmospheric.


Don't Leave Us In The Dark
Which just goes to show, yet again, that music is subjective. Future Moz song title: Make Up Your Own Mind (If You Have One).


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Some people taking this little dig way too serious.

What's quite interesting is that he already contrasted the Dolls with the Carpenters in Autobiography:

"The Dolls were a social unit, great fun, grave fun, salty and completely off the deep end. The opposite to polite and antiseptic, there wasn’t actually any visible line to avoid stepping over, and ‘We have new drags for England that will blow the mind off the Queen herself,’ laughed David Johansen, adding, ‘Oh we love all those queens ... everybody’s alright by us.’
Fast-forward forty years and such comments might not seem so harum-scarum, but this was 1973 – with the Carpenters on top of the world looking down on creation, and with Donny Osmond hanging on as the pickle puss face of America. How could people like the New York Dolls even exist?"

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