Justin Timberlake in Morrissey T-shirt

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By Lost and found on Sep 24, 2018 at 12:36 AM
  1. Lost and found

    Lost and found Nothing in particular

    Jun 28, 2018
    Justin Timberlake wearing Morrissey t-shirt at the iHeartRadio Festival in Las Vegas, 22.09.2018.


    Justin Timberlake from iHeartRadio Music Festival 2018: Star Sightings - E! News

    The singer posed on the red carpet before his performance on Saturday.

    CHRIS DELMAS/AFP/Getty Images

    UPDATE Sep. 27:

    Posted by Famous when dead:

    Central gets a post too:

    Which is basically Sam hosting the clip on his YT channel (started off as just a picture and then changed to this):


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    1. mcrickson
      I have insider info that "Suit and Tie" is on the cover album.
    2. evennow
      I think Justin is a good man. He is a good role model for those that follow him. Not a big fan of his music, but any one who has a sweet spot for Moz is on the path of righteousness!
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    3. hand in glove
      hand in glove
      He does seem to have a great personality. Very kind, and he's funny, too.
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    4. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead

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    5. BoW
      Alain better get his boogie pedal out if he's going to write some tunes for JT.
    6. AztecCamera
      Oh blikey mate. Reckon I don't want to see Alain now wearing zipper MC Hammer parachute pants at the Topanga Canyon mall mate inn nn n n n nnn nn n n nn n n n nnn it.
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    7. Level Headed
      Level Headed
      We are all making the very dangerous assumption that Justin Timberlake is wearing this t shirt because he is a fan of Morrissey's music. Let this story develop until further details have been established. It is better to be safe than sorry.
    8. 669
      Nice. This should get a lot of Millennial and Generation Z Timberlake fans to check out Morrissey's music. :thumb: It must be very satisfying to Morrissey that his albums from over 25 years ago have appeal to the younger generations and their tastemakers. His music will live on.
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    9. 669

      Well, Morrissey did tell those scumbag defamers not to let the barn door hit 'em in the ass. :lbf:
    10. Anonymous
      Seems like a hipster fad
    11. Anonymous
      These shirts are selected by their stylists. It's been a common trend among celebrities for years to have stylists select vintage pop t-shirts for their clients.

      It's a fashion statement. It doesn't denote love for an artist. In most instances the client knows nothing about the artist on the shirt.

      Most people don't realize the celebrities have people who choose their clothes for them; much like a private chef who cooks for them.
    12. 669
      So I posted the above and some anonymous turd rated it a "troll" post. This is how it goes at David Tseng's web site. Who rated that a "troll"? One of Tseng's former moderators no doubt. Probably Uncle Skanky. Why was garbage like that ever a moderator to begin with? LOL

      It really ticks them off that Morrissey told them to close the barn door and go away.

      His music will live on long after they're dead. That's a fact. Now, when "Your Arsenal" came out, it was the absolute favorite album of Uncle Skanky, David Tseng, and all them. They loved it. Well, the new generations coming up love it to. Because it's got good songs from start to finish. That's actually what matters.
      Uncle Skanky celebrates the demise of Freedom of Speech in the UK. He literally cheers every time someone in the UK is silenced, and cheers louder when they are tossed in jail for "thought crimes". I remember Johnny Rotten in his PIL song: "They put a hot wire to my head for the things I did and said". He's talking about people like Uncle Skanky! May the road rise with Morrissey's youngest fans. Maybe they'll make the world a better place.

      Morrissey is all about freedom in every way. Smelly old morons like Uncle Skanky are still mourning the collapse of the USSR. LOL Tell Skanky to say "hello" to his Leninist pal Grim O'Grady. Who celebrated Lenin, who proudly mass murdered people and set up a police state to pass on to Stalin. Millions died. Somehow Grim read that history and admired it. That's Uncle Skanky's friends.
      Grim apparently had a big fire at his house that burned up his collections of records. That's called KARMA. LOL
      Morrissey is singing his heart out to freedom-loving people the world over. Ohhhhh, Uncle Skanky doesn't like that he sang in Israel. Grim, the anti-Semite, doesn't like that either. Oh well.
      Ohhhhhh, Tseng doesn't like that Morrissey attacked the treatment of animals in China. Oh no.
      Morrissey's on the side of angels and his attackers and defamers smell really bad.
      So when you get tagged as "troll" on a scumbag web site, it is a badge of honor.
    13. vegan cro spirit 33
      vegan cro spirit 33
      Lenin, another one that knew whats best for everyone but never even had a real job. Like the Sock puppetry here.
      He invented the Kulaks. If you were shot you were likely a Kulak despite nothing of the
      sort existing.

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    14. Anonymous
      Their handlers think that by association with Morrissey, they become part of the Cool quotient.
      They're right.
      He is Cool
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    15. firstodie
      I've never heard them called handlers before. Reminds me of dog owners.
    16. Anonymous
      His stylist prob got it at a consignment shop in LA. people are reading way too into this.
    17. Anonymous
      This could very likely be true but the fact that he’s showing it off by opening the jacket is a bit more telling than when lebron wore he boxers shirt. I think it was lebron (some sports ball person). He could have just been asked by some photog about it though

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