Justin Hawkins YT: “Is His Behaviour Unforgivable?!” (Commentary on the Greek Theatre Show)

And a career is what Morrissey has. The fans know it, and they want to be serviced accordingly. Like any musical act that performs a service. What makes Morrissey think he’s any different from the rest? The nerve!

Depends on how amazing the starter is.

And maybe if you’re overweight with the intention of eating a 3 course, but now you’ve been deprived of it, well maybe it’s for the better, one’s health and all.

Anyways, they know full well that this particular chef is legendary for these antics, but the food’s soooo damn good that time after time people are willing to take that risk, that’s not to say that the chef is blameless in her actions, but people still continue to eat there, it’s bonkers! What can you do?


Nothing can be done. Some people are just addicted to wierd bird casserole. I for one.
What’s the difference between a ‘Morrissey concert goer’ and a Morrissey fan?

There is none, they both like to be shit on,
time and time again. get it?! :laughing:

What’s the difference between ignorance and apathy?

I don’t know and I don’t care.

That's funnier.
The darkness are terrible

I would dildo slap him for his atrocious music
Aroused Grocery Store GIF by Travis
I think people are pretty clear on those points. Yes, the cold could damage his voice. Yes, it could even impact the rest of the tour. From what I've read people are more upset with the way he ended the show with no explanation (still to this day), and no word if there will be a redo show or how people can get refunds. Granted all of this might not be in Morrissey's power - issuing refunds - but it's certainly in his power to acknowledge what happened and assure his fans they will be taken care of (a redo show, refunds, etc.).

As a ticketholder that's what I'd want to hear.
This is exactly right. I was there that night. If it was too cold for Moz to continue, most people would have understood. But common decency would suggest that he owed us an apology and some sort of explanation. Been with him through thick and thin since 1986, and this might very well have been the last straw for me.
That ego-maniac is kinda hard to listen to. I mean your man Hawkins, not Moz. Your man thinks he's Russell Bland.

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