Justin Cronin - "The Ferryman"



Justin Cronin’s The Passage trilogy are all excellent novels. He has a new book out in May called The Ferryman. Signed copies are available on Waterstones. On the PRH website you can listen to a sample.

The Ferryman signed edition:


Now this I didn’t know; Justin Cronin will be writing a fourth Passage novel!!! Can’t f***ing wait for that!

This is cool! You can preorder signed/personalized copies of The Ferryman:

“It’s a hefty book that moves with an astounding quickness—yet another excellent offering from an author with a boundless imagination and talent to spare.

Twisty, thrilling, and beautifully written.”

The Ferryman is a cracking novel. I guarantee that on page 316 you will say ‘What!?’ out loud!

This novel is pretty bizarre but in a great way.
You can preorder signed paperback copies of Justin Cronin’s The Passage trilogy from Forbidden Planet. Release date: 27 August.

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