Just Watched some rare Smiths Footage

I'm pretty sure the Gum Club wasn't the Sun. If I remember correctly the Gum Club wasn't actually a club but was a night that took place "Upstairs at DJs". This was upstairs at the building next door to the Dun Horse Pub (which is now called Zy Bar I think). I think it later became Never Never Land and had C'est La Vie on the ground floor (or was that in the basement - my memory is failing me now - it's 25 years ago!!). It's been knocked down now. I remember seeing Alien Sex Fiend there although maybe I shouldn't own up to that!
I remember the Smiths playing in Blackburn but didn't go (no idea why!) although I saw them a couple of weeks later at University in Sheffield for the priceley sum of 50p!
Cheers for clearing that up, im sure you must be right, as im sure people would have remembered a pub or club called "Gum". also my mate said that the stone roses once played at c'est la Vie so they must have had a band night. I bet that was the best 50p ever spent aswell:guitar:


I was at the Blackburn Ikon& showing, the Smiths bit was definitely from the 24th November gig, last song of the night and the second time they'd played Hand In Glove that evening.

Another track from the same show was on the reel of Hacienda footage showing in rotation at the fairly recent Urbis exhibition about The Hacienda, can't remember now what track it was though....anyone?

Apart from Ikon&, who does have a copy of this footage? And who has leaked some of it on youtube?


This guy has it but he's not sharing. I wrote him a note a few months ago but never heard back from him.


he first had only handsome devil from the show (hacienda november 83) for a long time
i asked him last year if he could upload more to which he replied on the 19.th Oct 08
"Ive put up the next three tracks onto YouTube. It's taken rather a long time to get round to it (...)
and he did upload the next part a few days later. -..-he was very nice and the songs appeared indeed
i have just sent him a message where i ask him politely to upload the rest...
but it prob doesnt help if 1000 people will ,emial him on that matter-more the contrary will happen;-) and this is a quite rare one which not much peopele own so..

im sure he will reply to my mail as he did before..give him some time;-)
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I had someone on smithtorrnets convert the youtube postings to video filings and it looked pretty decent actually..Slightly pixelated from compression of file size but still very watchable..Thanks for asking Shelia.
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