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I'd hate to be like certain people I know. So, the choice I have made may seem strange to you but who asked you anyway? It's my life to wreck my own way. There is something I wanted to tell you it's so funny you'll kill yourself laughing!

You crave affection and it can come, from the strangest direction. Come on to my house come on and do something new. Touch me, squeeze me hold me too tightly when you look at me, you actually see me and I've never felt so alive. This story is old - I KNOW but it goes on, I want the one I can't have and it's driving me mad. Fifteen minutes with you
well, I wouldn't say no. Look once to me, Look once to me-then look away.

Deep in my heart how I wish I was wrong, but deep in my heart I know I am not. I started something, forced you to a zone and you were clearly never meant to go but I sense something more and I would like to give you what I think you're asking for you handsome devil, and I know a place where no-one is likely to pass, and in the darkened underpass I thought Oh God, my chance has come at last (but then a strange fear gripped me and I just couldn't ask)

I am so very tired of doing the right thing. I've heard that you'll try anything twice Close your eyes, crash into my arms - I want you, you don't agree but you don't refuse. I know you never knew how much I really liked you because I never even told you oh, and I meant to.

Drank too much and I said too much and there's nowhere to go, all I ask of you is one thing that you never do, would you put your arms around me? I won't tell anyone. I could say more but you get the general idea.

Again I lay awake in a trance; I just want my chance but only with you. And don't waste time with snappy conversation, I'm yours. No one I ever knew or have spoken to resembles you, this is good or bad all depending on my general mood. Our frank and open, deep conversations, it stayed emblazoned on my mind. You told me all the things that you think are wrong with me; Shyness is nice, and Shyness can stop you from doing all the things in life you'd like to but then I look at you and know that somewhere there's a someone who can soothe me, To me you are a work of art.

So one day if you're bored By all means call me because you can do but only if you want to.

I dreamt about you last night and I fell out of bed twice you can pin and mount me, take me to the haven of your bed was something that you never said. Take the easy way and give in yeah, and let me in. How dearly I'd love to get carried away but dreams have a knack of just not coming true and time is against me now, then at midnight I can't get you out of my head but there's always a line you don't cross, time is short. Time, is like a dream and now, for a time, you are mine. Let's hold fast to the dream that tastes and sparkles like wine.

Time is so strange, and will time never pass? Will time never pass, for us?

I don't dwell on things I'm missing I'm just pleased with the things I've found. I once thought that I had numerous reasons to cry and I did - but I don't anymore because I'm lying here wide to receive almost anything you'd care to give and I don't get along with myself and I'm not too keen on anyone else and it's all because of us and what was in our eyes, so don't let the blue, the blue eyes fool you and everything depends upon how near you stand to me and the looks you gave; so meaningful.

Would you help me because I still do feel so horribly lonely? Can you squeeze me into an empty page of your diary and psychologically save me? I've got faith in you and I'm turning to you to save me, don't lose faith I know it's gonna happen someday. Just when it seems like everything's evened out and the balance seems serene. Trouble loves me.

Won't somebody stop me from thinking, from thinking all the time about everything? No is always easier than Yes. In our different ways we are the same.

My only mistake is I keep hoping.

"P.S. Bring Me Home And Have Me!" If your will allows it, in the future when all's well and if it’s the last thing I ever do, I’m gonna get YOU!
P.P.S. I think i have too much time on my hands really. Sad i know.....:o
She's just doing her thing......
that was very good slummy,
although it took me AGES to read it all, as i kept having the songs running in my head and a few times i just had to sing the whole thing before oi coudl continue. :rolleyes:
This is one i did for my boy...:

All men have secrets and here is mine, so let it be known for we have been through hell and high tide, if you have five seconds to spare Then I'll tell you the story of my life: In my life why do I smile at people who I'd much rather kick in the eye the frustration it renders me hateful. I'm a sickening wreck, I've got the 21st Century breathing down my neck I must move fast, I've seen this happen in other people's lives and now it's happening in mine how dearly I would love to kick with the fray. I know I know - it's really serious there were times so unfair and I want to cry he sat and stared.

How can someone so young sing words so sad? Too freely on your lips, words prematurely sad. Life is never kind there's sadness in your beautiful eyes you're untouched, unsoiled, wonderous eyes. You are your mother's only son and you're a desperate one for there are brighter sides to life and I should know because I've seen them.

Don't feel bad for me I want you to know deep in the cell of my heart I'll never make that mistake again! No, it's NOT like any other love this one is different.

So hand in glove I stake my claim I'll fight to the last breath, If they dare touch a hair on your head I'll fight to the last breath. I'll still be by your side for you are all that matters and I'll love you till the day I die there never need be longing in your eyes as long as the hand that rocks the cradle is mine.

How can they see the Love in our eyes and still they don't believe us and after all this time they don't want to believe us and if they don't believe us now will they ever believe us? No, they cannot hurt you my darling they cannot touch you now.

Unruly boys who will not grow up must be taken in hand there's too many bad memories too many memories there It's too close to home and it's too near the bone more than you'll ever know. How can you say I go about things the wrong way I am Human and I've got no right to take my place with the Human race

It's so easy to laugh, it's so easy to hate, it takes strength to be gentle and kind. It's so easy to laugh, it's so easy to hate, it takes guts to be gentle and kind

Life tends to come and go well, that's OK just as long as you know Oh yes you can kick me and you can punch me and you can break my face but you won't change the way I feel 'Cause I love you and is it really so strange?

I'm not sure what happiness means but I look in your eyes and I know I really think you know, I think you know the truth. I know I need hardly say how much I love your casual way. I wonder to myself could life ever be sane again? It's just a fairy tale and I don't believe in magic anymore this story is old - I KNOW but it goes on and when I'm lying in my bed I think about life and I think about death and neither one particularly appeals to me and if the day came when I felt a natural emotion we can go for a walk where it's quiet and dry, and we can talk about precious things. Good times for a change See, the luck I've had. So for once in my life let me get what I want,
Lord knows it would be the first time.

Stop me if you think that you've heard this one before nothing's changed I still love you, oh I still love you. Hear my voice in your head and think of me kindly I love you for you my love, you my love, this is the fierce last stand of all I am.

DON'T BLAME this sweet and tender hooligan.
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