Just listed on ebay Morrissey autographed Creem Mag promo poster 4ft x 6ft


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Just listed on ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/114310121570

For Sale - Morrissey autographed Creem Mag promo poster 4ft x 6ft. The poster was signed mid -1991 I am told this was given away to a fan at a release party for the magazine. The photo of Morrissey signing the poster was later used on a boot interview cd called Conversationalist see photos

I purchased this from the person who won it the same year. the person who shipped it used a triangular cardboard mailer instead of a cardboard tube and was flattened when it arrived. its been sitting in storage ever since..

April-May 1991 - Creem vol.1 no. 5


This is a limited edition numbered collector's cd. # out of only 1000 pressed worldwide. has Morrissey interviews from februrary1990 and summer 1997 and then a smiths interview from february 1997. Still sealed

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