just got my special editon of 'greatest hits'

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Re: Greatest Hits - Bonus Disc

PS: The German issue includes a small flyer "MORRISSEY LIVE 2008 - WIN TICKETS NOW - www.morrissey.de", which can only mean that Germany will definitely be on his tour itinerary later this year - personally I prefer the atmosphere at UK gigs...

I'll prepare the body for another alcoholic binge in Berlin & Hamburg

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I remember a similar dissappointment a few years back when the special edition of Viva hate was released and came with a booklet which turned out to be nothing more than a catalogue of Artists that were signed to EMI,i remember seeing people throwing the booklet in the bin on the way out of the store,of course years later the cd with booklet sellls for big money on ebay believing the booklet contains photos and text relating to our Moz. So i imagine this booklet to be the same sort of crap(though it doesnt seem to exist).


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Just bought the special edition Greatest Hits disc

Fantastic live cd.

Pigsty sounds wonderful.

Playboys miles better than the version of the THPGU cd too!

Great mixing.

Very Moz

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I´ve got my deluxe edition today, it took a while to be delivered it seems.... I would like to know if this phrase on CD 1 "We are your thoughts" is an authentic etching? :)
Mine finally arrived today! Vinyl and CD! YEAH!:)


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^^ I don't make a habit of quoting Morrissey, but "DEAR GOD, PLEASE HELP ME!"
I wish I could have been the typographer :eek:


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Hey Flax
Just spotted your avatar - great minds obviously think alike!

Best wishes
Velvis :)

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I ordered GH from CDWOW on 04/02/08.
This is the 4th or 5th e-mail I have received on the matter...


Thank you for contacting us although please accept our sincere apologies for
the inconvenience caused here.

Unfortunately our suppliers could not provide us with full stock of
"MORRISSEY - Greatest Hits (2CD Deluxe Edition)" which we had ordered and
anticipated for the previous date so we have therefore had to source extra
stock elsewhere as quickly as possible and regrettably the next possible
date is now 14/03/2008..

Please rest assured that this is an genuinely rare occurrence and that we do
also find this equally frustrating since we pride ourselves on our fast and
efficient dispatch system.

I can fully appreciate the disappointment caused by this delay and should
you wish to cancel your order for this item for a full refund, please could
I ask you kindly to get back to me and confirm this and I will gladly assist
you immediately upon receipt of your reply.

Apologies once again for the inconvenience caused as it certainly wasn't our
intention and thank you for your patience and understanding.

Kind Regards,
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