June 25 - nearly 2000 users online. What was the occasion

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At the bottom of the forums home page it says

Most users ever online was 1,998, June 25, 2009 at 06:15 PM.

Just wondering what the occasion was? Search engine spiders? Actual users logged on or just tons of visitors?

Nothing on the main page archive for the 25th, and no show for that date.


My secret's my enzyme.
I think that was the day Michael Jackson died. You are aware Morrissey-solo is the hotbed for the opinions of the underground. That is where Morrisey's one true love is, so I hear. :rolleyes:


My secret's my enzyme.
Ah, I forgot about that. Still interesting (read: sad, pathetic, funny) that people flocked to solo to joke about it.
I find it sort of interesting that the most users before that day was on a Halloween, so it's rather apt that the day the man died who literally made a mask of his own face trumped Halloween for "most users" at solo. Sort of an eerie homage.
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