July 20th party bus for sweet and tender hooligans show at saint. Rocke in hermosa beach ca!!!!


the companies

Hey Moz fans we are THE COMPANIES and are playing a show with sweet and tender hooligans at Saint Rocke in hermosa beach ca. We are planning to rent a huge party bus stocked with mad alcohol (all you can drink!!)and a DJ BILLY SHEARS! spinning nothing but smiths and Moz all night long!! come out and have a full night of great music, great alcohol, and a chance to meet new Moz fans while dancing the night away on the bus and a live show with the sweet and tender hooligans and the companies!

Contact me at [email protected] to reserve your spot. tix will be 40$ which will cover your ticket to the show and all you can drink on the buss. money will be collected the day of at the pick up point which will be announced

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