Juan Galeano / Diamante Eléctrico: win Latin Grammy for best rock song (Nov 16, 2023)

Initial nomination reaction:


Another Latin Grammy nomination.
Update to previous Juan Grammy post:




Maybe Juan can co-write some Grammy winners with M, that won’t be released any time soon?

Judging from Leche de Tigre, if Morrissey wants to go full tilt into the Night Pop Dropped sound, I guess Galeano would be a good co-writer.
What the f**k is this all about? What has Moaning Myrtle has to do with all of this? I am clueless.

What is happening?!
Won or were nominated. ..(results in feb 24…)
Won or were nominated. ..(results in feb 24…)
Won best rock song at the 24th Annual Latin Grammy Awards.
Event took place November 16, 2023.
The awards cover music released between June 1, 2022 ->May 31, 2023.
Plans for 2024:
Maybe Juan can make Mossi the next Ricky Martin. Isn't it about time for a big fat WPINOYB revival to re-conquer the south-west hemisphere.
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On a personal note I don't own or listen to any "Grammy award winning" music. Is latin grammy award winning music just as poor an outfit as the original?

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