Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart 12" - anyone have this?

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[/FONT]Are the two extra songs good?

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[/FONT][FONT=Verdana, Arial, sans-serif]Cat# Fac 23 12 LTD EDITION 300 copies some color some black mixed in randomly.
Side A
1. Love Will Tear Us Apart 2. At a later date
Side B
1. These Days 2. Interzone (Live)
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One of the most unique singles of all time housed in an iconic Peter Saville artwork that has come to define Joy Division. In original sleeve with matte varnish and beautiful spot picture gloss.
This Ep contains not only the single and the b side but contains 2 very unique tracks. "At a Later Date" is the first recording of Joy Division at Electric Circus, it is their first release of any sort as Joy Division.
Interzone is a memorable Live performance at the legendary Amsterdam show in 1980. This release has never been released officially or as as bootleg in any vinyl format. Only a fanclub cd release which is actually listed as unknown. Both these tracks are raw and edgy compared to the much later sound of Joy Division also featured on this ep.




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I have (or rather my mother has and I nabbed it) Love Will Tear Us Apart as a 7", and that's pretty good.

The tracklisting for that is:
A - Love Will Tear Us Apart
B - These Days and another version of Love Will Tear Us Apart.

I also have At A Later Date, and that was on this bootleg-type CD I got that was all this early material from Joy Division when they were still called Warsaw. That's quite good, although it might not be the same version.

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I have that one and also Transmission and She's Lost Control. As stated by the fellow above These Days is very good. Just waiting to get a turntable to usb to get my old vinyl on to my i tunes.
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