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And further to the 'interview' in the Observer by 'Rum' Barber here's a piece from todays "Standard". As if Morrissey would grovel to record company people as he's suggesting. He doesn't even get his quotes right does he? I suppose 'masterpieces' is at least correct.

but hey we don't care. We've got Morrissey tonight!

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Heaven knows he's miserable now


by Peter Paphides
Currently exiled in LA without a record deal, Morrissey’s profile is probably at its lowest since The Smiths released their first single almost 20 years ago.

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According to recent reports, the singer was even seen in an LA bar attempting to interest a record company executive in his new album. ‘Do you have any demos?’ enquired the executive. ‘Yes. You’ll find about a dozen at Tower Records,’ was Morrissey’s apparent response.
Well, he’s got a point, hasn’t he? Barring a couple of undisputed duffers (1991’s Kill Uncle and 1997’s Maladjusted) he’s long since proved that he was more than just a bolt-on worldview to Johnny Marr’s pretty tunes. In particular, his brace of early 90s albums, Your Arsenal and Vauxhall And I, were confessional masterpieces which, in terms of depth and subtlety, easily surpassed his former band’s The Queen Is Dead.
By his own admission, the NME’s simplistic attempts in 1992 to equate his Union Jack-waving live exploits with racism had a profound effect on him. After Oasis and Britpop, of course, no one seemed keener on the British flag than NME itself. Maybe that’s why they’ve recently felt the need to back-pedal and spuriously accord The Smiths the title Most Influential Artists Ever. So he’s cool again.
Will Morrissey give a stuff? Probably not. As career impasses go, this one’s pretty forgiving. These two nights sold out in less than a day.
Tonight and tomorrow, Royal Albert Hall, Kensington Gore SW7, 7.30pm, £20 to £27.50 (returns only). Tel: 020 7589 8212. Tube: South Kensington/Knightsbridge

Heaven Knows He's Miserable Now
while i like the supposed quote, i too doubt morrissey would approach an exec in a bar. perhaps he used that quip in an official meeting - like those he's been mentioning as of late.
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