Journalism student: Morrissey article...I need your help!


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Hello to you all,

I'm a journalism student writing an article on the theme of 'Icons' and I have of course decided to write about Morrissey. I would greatly appreciate, as knowlegeable fans of his, your comments on;
  • Him as an artist
  • What his music means to you
  • How you first discovered his music
  • Why, in your opinion, is he seen as an inspiration
  • His controversiality
  • PETA

Also, if you have a few spare minutes would you mind looking at this survey I devised to again inform me on my article:
"">Click here to take survey<

Thank you so much and I appreciate your comments and your time.



Hi Phil.

I had a look at your survey. Two of the questions are premised on the idea that Morrissey is "asexual/celibate", but this isn't really correct. He did say this some time during the 1980s, but its been clear to fans since at least the early 1990s that he does actually have a sex life. In recent autobiography, he wrote about a number of relationships he has had over the years.


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Thank you for your comments. I am aware of this (and am currently reading his autobiography) but for the purposes of my article, one of the main avenues I wanted to explore was his ambiguity regarding his sexuality...
But you're right, on the survey I should of put 'was renowned' rather than 'is renowned.'
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