Joshua James Richards mentions Morrissey at the BAFTAs (April 11, 2021)


Anyone watching the Baftas? Apparently Nomadland's cinematographer Joshua James Richards quoted Morrissey in his acceptance speech.

Now a Central post.
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Morrissey quoted at the all new 'woke' BAFTAs. That must have gone down like a sack of shit to the audience in the Albert Hall. Lovely speech by the way.
They gave this guy an award cause he lighted the murdered Turkey extra well.
Did ya really think ya could fool The Wild Turkey Community with a Moz quote?
Is that what ya really thought was the deal?
Take ya garbage picture and ya tin trophy and skip, drip.

No 27

A man said another man's name on the television, and some other people heard him say it. Oh. I think I just jizzed.


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I watched the Baftas last night at 30x speed, cos regular speed was too much time to waste on bullshit. That's not a joke.


its not me its you.
the canned laughter was the worst part,cringe.
you would think M was hated all over the world according to some on here,good on joshua for going against the grain.
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L Patricio!!

One question please FMD,Morrissey's only real account is Instagram:oficial_morrissey_central?. It's rare that MOz hasn't introduced her to Central, plus there are people who say it's fake like instagram's previous one and tweeter's
L Patricio!!

The account : official_morrissey_central, is It Moz really? Why don't he present it as his real Instagram account on M Central? Anybody know

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