Jools Holland is unwatchable

Discussion in 'Off-topic' started by Anonymous, Nov 8, 2019.

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    Anyone tried watching that tonight? It is unwatchable.

    Some of the bands I did watch were ok. The music I don't have a problem with. The presenting I do. I've had to turn it off because it was beyond cringe. Put it on or watch it on the iPlayer and post your thoughts.
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    I've always hated him with a passion and his presenting and "music" is awful. He is Pee Wee Herman meets Mr. Bean and when he destroys live performances from band visiting his show by playing piano it makes me wanna throw in a hand grenade into the studio.

    I would honestly push the little fella up a wall if I ever bumped into him and tell him what a complete wanker he is and how he destroyed music. That man is a music troll.

    Anyone with a nasal voice is a prick.
  3. The Truth

    The Truth about Ruth

    Jan 15, 2019
    I haven't watched it but I think you're probably right. Graham Norton and James Corben are also unwatchable.
  4. Anonymous

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    Yeah, I can't watch them. Seth Meyers is from the same fake pot as that fucking lot. He's always fake smiling. You could shit on his face and he'd fake smile through it. He really thinks he's a comedian. He has a new gig on Netflix. I couldn't watch it. I tried. I lasted five minutes. Pure cringe. Bill Hicks he fucking isn't!
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