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"So the government now plan to sell our forests ? This is getting out of control. Thanks to all who voted for them. You're idiots."


My secret's my enzyme.
"Inception has eight Oscars nominations, including Soundtrack."
I wonder if soundtrack is one of those technical awards presented the day before, or if it's a mainstream one and he'll walk the red carpet and maybe go up on stage the big night. :D THat would be so much fun. Meaning it would be fun to sit at home and watch him have to do all that business.


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Just now: "Yes, I wore shades as a baby. When I was born the doctor said "congratulations Mrs M, it's a guitar player". I already had jet lag."

And recently:
"@poortwistdchild Vote Conservative ? I'd rather shave my head with a cheese grater whilst chewing on tin foil.
@chawissa If I want to hear a song I can repeat for two hours it means I am about to write it.
I'll be putting an equipment list on when we re-vamp the site in a few weeks time.
I would like to work with Matt Johnson again. He's an original man, and he wrote Soul Mining.
I forgot how much I like cities. I like them a lot.
I was disappointingly efficient today, totally by accident. I must learn to not concentrate.
I would like to work with Karl Bartos again. He's an original man, and he wrote Computer Love.
I can recommend Low by David Bowie, or Another Music In A Different Kitchen by Buzzcocks, always
Thanks to The Vaccines for the hospitality. A really good set on a Saturday Night. Bless Ya.
I think I will totally avoid other people "doing Monday". in "sorting things out and being really together" whilst bumping into me in the process. Nah.
I fully intend to sort nothing out at all. That's a plan. Alright.
Am giving back to the acoustic guitar for a BBC show at the very cool Blueprint Studios Manchester. Playing Unhappy Birthday & Queen Bitch."


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Johnny says he'd like to work with Keith Richards again. To which I reply, "Again???" Seriously, when did Marr work with Keef?


I think they are both pirates in that movie based on the ride at Disneyland.


Oh, Squishy!!
I don't know why this thread hasn't been kept up. I've learned more about Johnny Marr through his twitter feed than I knew about him over the 20 years prior. *bump*


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Ah, the infamous El Kabong incident. Keith is a bad ass.


It's not twitter related, but BBC 6 Music Tom Robinson is having Johnny Marr themed playlist today's show.

Kirsty's Walking in Madison is on right now.
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