Johnny to be featured on BBC acoustic documentary

He played part of "Bigmouth" and "William...". Brilliant.
was a good show, he played the intro to big mouth and showed willaim as well with morrissey ripping his shirt off to show 'marry me' written on his chest (you know the one).
I'm hoping there is some more Johnny footage on this "Acoustic at the BBC" thing showing now.
& here we are!
I wonder what happened to the "Unhappy Birthday" clip, why would they have cut it?
Showing Johnny with Bert Jansch now.

Edit: What an interesting set-up. Bernard, influenced by Johnny. Johnny, influenced by Bert, and all of them playing together.
Nice pink trews, Johnny.
I uploaded Bigmouth and William. I hope they will have some of the full outtakes of him playing and put them on their website as a feature, like they have done in the past.

Oh. Jesus. Jesus Christ.

Come back to the Five And Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean...
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It would be great to get a good length clip of the whole discussion around Johnny, Everley Brothers, Bigmouth, William, with Johnny, James Dean Bradfield and Stephen Street... up to the point that they start to talk about Bowie.

Was yet another great music documentary on BBC4, as was the Acoustic at the BBC programme afterwards which featured The Smiths perfomring William it Was Really Nothing on TOTP where Moz rips open his shirt to reveal "Marry Me" etched across his ches.

BBC4 is threatend with the axe, I would urge anyone interested in esoteric programmimg and quality music documentaries to sgin the petition. The nation saved 6music

Best programme on BB4 recently?

I found this fascinating. Thank you.

It's weird...I got into Morrissey in 1991; to me, at that point, The Smiths were already an ethereal myth.

I love, love Morrissey's solo stuff. All 24 years of it.

But watching this clip, I realize...everything comes down to Morrissey and Marr.

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