Johnny Reb ; reports back from Boz's studio


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In the quiet of between tour stagnation, I have the honour of introducing Johnny Reb ; a Glasgow band just returned from Boz Boorer's Serra Vista Studio in Portugal...

(are you still reading..)
Boz is the perfect gent.. Sadly we've no great Moz news or revelations (other than he doesn't eat spaghetti because it looks like worms :lbf:..)

Four of the mastered tracks are up on,

We are terribly proud.
Yes, yes I know listening to 'new music' usually equates to a hole in one's head (y'know we stole the awful Two Door Cinema Club's rider when we supported them & were subsequently ejected..)

YET, I think you will quite like 'Nine On The Line' ; an ode to a doomed feline..
Do let me know what you think...

With baited breath,
J. Reb
Sirs, having taken the time to listen to the aforementioned musical compositions and having the pleasure of seeing JR live, I conclude that a bold huzzah is in order. I have my wonderfully hand crafted 4 track cd (number 3 of 5. Who got 1 of 5?) on hand to re-listen to loudly this weekend.

Looking forward to Sleazy's and Popfest.

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How good are this band . like the Libertines but good. when can we buy this album?
no disrespect to boz but i think the production makes you sound exactly like the libertines or dirty pretty things (but then i often prefer demos to "finished" songs...)
i'm feeling judgemental today.
i doubt you'll have great success given the current trends in music industry. however, when i thought everyone was fed up of post-punk the drums became huge. i still don't get how these things work.
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