Johnny Marr's 'Set The Boy Free' Spotify playlist


It's all good

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I love I can't stand it. That whole album is great. Smokey is also awesome as a re the usual suspect of Iggy T. rex and Bowie


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This was also in one of the rags circulating of late....


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Quando quando quando

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Very interesting.
What a bunch of great songs and it is so nice all these influences can be heard more or less in his music.
Even if they are tiny snippets as well.
He has a great talent of course but I do feel he was ambitious and eager to get it done and learning fast.
He wanted to get there and he did. I admire him for that.
Some people said he was arrogant and had this attitude being cocky, but that is all circumstantial, he was working as hard as his talent was.
And a nice guy.
There aren't many in this industry.
Amongst the sharks, sometimes there is a dolphin they can't catch.
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