Johnny Marr's favourite lyricist is...; Adam Anderson (Hurts) chooses "I Know It's Over"

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By joe frady on May 18, 2012 at 7:28 AM
  1. joe frady

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    Apr 29, 2006
    not Edinburgh, sadly.
    ...he aint sayin':
    from today's 'Independent', a feature on greatest lyricists, picked by various luminaries. Johnny says,
    "I couldn't say who my favourite lyricists are because I've worked with a few and if I leave someone out I'd be sure to get into trouble. Kirsty MacColl was great: Lou Reed."

    Over to you, Amy...;)

    He does, however, reveal his favourite lyric is 'The Thrill Of It All' by Roxy Music: "I like that it's philosophical in a pop-streetwise way, and has a sense of exhiliration that matches the music, which is very important:

    So if you're feeling fraught
    With mental strain
    Too much thinking's got you down again
    Well let your senses skip
    Stay hip
    Keep cool
    To the thrill of it all"

    Additional information posted by MORRIZSEY:

    Here's the link:

    Now that's what I call music... - The Independent
    A great lyric can bewitch, baffle or break your heart. Ahead of the Ivor Novello Awards, songwriters reveal the lyricists who have inspired them

    Notice the second choice below Johnny's is this -

    Adam Anderson (Hurts):
    "Oh Mother, I can feel the soil
    falling over my head/ and as I
    climb into an empty bed,/ oh well,
    enough said. I know it's over" is a Morrissey lyric I always liked.
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    2. Anonymous
      And at the top of the article, Guy Chambers chooses Amelia by Joni Mitchell, which includes the phrase 'it was just a false alarm' and also a line about jet planes and vapour trails...
    3. Amy
      In other words, the real answer is so obvious it doesn't need stating :) although I wish he'd swallow his pride and say it, just this once!
    4. Worm
      Why? If he said "Morrissey is my favorite lyricist", what do you think the headlines of the next article would be? "Johnny Marr Edging Closer To Smiths Reunion: Offers Olive Branch To Estranged Partner!"

      You're right. The answer is obvious. We know the answer. Johnny's reponse doesn't reflect his feelings, it reflects his understanding of the media. Everything they say in the media, both of them, has to be taken with a grain of salt.
    5. Amy
      You're right, but I think the Press would write that anyway, regardless of what was actually said. So long as Morrissey & Marr aren't actively taking pot-shots at each other, reunion articles will crop up every week until one of them pops their clogs. Personally, I'd just like to hear Marr say it because I can't remember the last time he said something truly complimentary about Moz; something that wasn't back-handed or implicit or lumping him in with "the band", just genuine :).
    6. Worm

      Personally, I think every time they talk proudly of The Smiths they're complimenting each other. That's what I hear, anyway.
    7. gordyboy
      always loved the thrill of it all,lyrics just build and build.great band,so many great songs.if you havent heard it check it out on youtube.even for a one time listen.
    8. Johnson
      Still spellbound.
    9. Anonymous
      What?? You mean Morrissey in not his favorite ??
    10. Joker
      Johnny, Johnny, Johnny...
      Great musician, but always sitting on the fence.
    11. Amy
      This. :straightface:
    12. Cameron.
      Was expecting him to say, "Not Morrissey!" Maybe Bernard Sumner, "hey now - whatcha doin'"
    13. Oh my god. it's Robby!
      Oh my god. it's Robby!
      so I listened to that Roxy Music song, and sorry, I just don't hear it, I like a lot of their songs, but "The Thrill Of It All"?
      I mean a lot of their songs have great lyrics, but music matters too, strange to me that it does not so much when Johnny Marr is speaking of great lyrics, as if they stand alone
      I'd like to hear what music he would have come up for that song, I am sure it would have been better than it was has now...
    14. RainMan
      I think the Smiths should reform and write NEW MATERIAL.

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