Johnny Marr wins lifetime achievement award - GQ magazine

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    Johnny Marr - Lifetime Achievement.

    "As one of the founding members of The Smiths, Johnny Marr was responsible for reinventing guitar music for a new generation. And since then, it’s perhaps easier to list the artists he hasn’t collaborated with rather than the ones he has – no joke, there’s an entire Wikipedia page devoted to it, from Bryan Ferry to Paul McCartney, Talking Heads to The Pet Shop Boys."


    Johnny Marr vows to never retire as he picks up GQ Award.

    "The former Smiths guitarist said it would be a waste of his famous haircut if he were to call it a day in the music industry."


    UPDATE Sep. 7:

    Video of acceptance speech posted by Zoinks:

    He did thank the other Smiths. To be fair, I think if he mentioned Morrissey by name in this crowd, it might have gotten some boos.

    Boy, does Kylie seem to really like him!
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    1. Anonymous
      This is true. Jake was who I was thinking of with the and soon everyone knew bit. If it was just a tattoo I don’t know what the on his neck part would be about
    2. marred

      Tacky musicians accept awards.... and Johnny Marr.
    3. vegan cro spirit 99
      vegan cro spirit 99

      WtF?? A Swallow bird tattoo:bird: is a gay tattoo FFS:poodle:. Do need a road map?doh:
    4. Anonymous
      Whatever form humor your aiming at, it's not working.
    5. Anonymous
      Hun, the punk era is over. It's okay to like things now.

      Beyond that, really, who gives a shit?
    6. reelfountain
      Marr is buying into that very same corporate tackiness by accepting one.

      I thought Marr was an avowed socialist? The last two interviews he gave to the Guardian certainly give that impression.

      GQ are part of the mass media who diffuse and reproduce the hegemonic capitalist neoliberalism that redistributes capital from the exploited skint and dead-end job workers to the growing and getting-fatter oligarchic rich.

      For a once-member of the Wythenshawe working class it's pretty obscene.
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    7. URBANUS
      We're talking about two different things but do study it and it is mostly the mental side that only age until 29 or if you like we only mature until that age.

      I have one of his shirt buttons and you don't wanna know what I do with it.
    8. URBANUS
      She is exhausting if anything and when MTV was new here in the 80's she was always on and then she never aged and I dunno what kind of anti age drugs she takes but they seem to be working.
      Perhaps she eats a newborn baby every morning but I have never liked her cause she has nothing at all to offer me.
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    9. Anonymous
      Blabbity Blabbity Blah!! Can the hyperbole! Isn't the state of formerly being from the working class the aim of every working class person? He escaped through his talent, brains and sheer will - that's to be celebrated, admired, encouraged. All the sour, no-fun complainers on here are unbelievable. There's only two words:

    10. URBANUS
      You don't win awards you are awarded them. You win a prize.
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    11. Surface
      So what are your thoughts on Morrissey winning a GQ award and the interviews he has had printed in the magazine?
    12. Anonymous
      Have you tried asking nicely?
    13. vegan cro spirit 55
      vegan cro spirit 55
      Escaped thru Moz. Thats why Moz deserves his :trophy: and at least half of:trophy:.
      ps he already had one foot out the working class door when he lip locked for
      45 minutes with that one boyfriend.:menholdinghands:
    14. StalinsPipe
      Johnny wears a pleather (fake leather) jackets. This is well documented, and he has done so for years. He also wears the CHEATAH model of trainers by Vegetarian Shoes. The trainer is a copy of Adidas trainers.
    15. Anonymous

    16. StalinsPipe
      Good for him, but he still wears pleather jackets and the trainers I mentioned.
    17. vegan cro spirit 88
      vegan cro spirit 88
      Honestly, he doesnt wear pleather or real leather. Why? He cant afford it, hes has very little in terms of money.:cry: Hes down and out.
      He wears those Japanese vinyl knock offs that Michael Jackson wanna bes wore back in the eighties.
      Grabs off Manc flea markets, the poor :handpointright::guardsman::handpointleft:. Shoes are cheap plastic.:flushed:
    18. reelfountain
    19. Anonymous
      Totes agree. Johnny Marr may have talent and have contributed to some notable work, but he's not an artist on the level of MORRISSEY.


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    20. Anonymous
      I remember Noel Gallagher, accepting a similar award and pointing out that Hugo Boss was a nazi and made uniforms for them or words to that effect.
      Making a point like that is one way to do it I suppose.
      Accepting "honours" from the Queen is when you know someone has sold out.
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