Johnny Marr wins 2021 Boss Lifetime Achievement Award



(Video stills from Marr's IG, Jan. 30th).

Article from 10 days prior:

Johnny Marr receives Boss Lifetime Achievement Award at NAMM Believe in Music Week

The Smiths legend and CE-2 Chorus pedal devotee is honored for “inspiring a generation to pick up a guitar”

It's not about playing the chords, everyone can do that with enough practice. It's about coming up with them, about creating the music and that's something very few can do the way he does.

Yes, and more importantly what the singer does to elevate them higher.

Viva Moz !!!

His solo stuff is incredible. Everybody I talk to is super into it. Especially his singing. Whatever happened to that singer that was in the Smiths with him?? Poor guy.
Right. I have a theory. Years ago Morrissey posted he under a handle I can’t recall. I wonder if he and or Sam are the angry posters. A theory I have been test Hong for a long time. Marr is not someone who anyone hates. He isn’t offensive.
No, Johnny goes along with the status quo and murmurs all the right platitudes about "racists".
The MSM love him.
What Iggy Said.
When you live a life with honesty, integrity, accountability, and respect, you tend to be well loved.

Without those big 4... Well.
Have you heard his Covid song? Integrity? His punk roots are well behind him. It's so obvious now who was always establishment.
Oh and here is the super-duper interesting part. The guy from Steely Dan is Jeff "Skunk" Baxter, a musician who became an expert on missile defense systems and actually chaired a Congressional Advisory Board on the same. So, he's a super-smart guy and he is praising Johnny for being the master of this guitar multi-effects system. Now that is high praise!
So, he's part of the establishment, and this good - why? Funny how children of military establishment were on the rock star circuit, via Laurel Canyon in the early days of counter culture movement. Thanks for reminding us, Friends in low places, as we were also reminded recently.
"Politics is the entertainment division of the military industrial complex" - Frank Zappa. And we see how closely entertainment and politics work together.
What Morrissey and Johnny Marr had in common was their Irish/Mancunian roots and love of music. And they both appeared to have not sold out to this industrial complex. Time will tell.

another typical dumb :handpointright::guardsman::handpointleft: interview, talking about Moz in 🐸

this one with a couple of queer podcasting romanceers.🦤
and again, NO NEW CD.(n)
that going to be some CD if it ever exists, 🐸 vocalizing while
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why is he even making a CD spreading kung flu bacteria while 🐸ing??? Is skinny and his cucks onboard with this disgraceful behavior:blushing:

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Dude, they have some primo tuneage. This one is my favorite. RAWK!!

AWFUL TUNE, but thats not whats interesting about this video. After all, ALL :handpointright::guardsman::handpointleft: 'songs' suck, its a given. The rain in Spain falls in the plain, so do the :handpointright::guardsman::handpointleft: 'songs'suck.
whats is interesting is there are almost no full body shots of Le:frogface: on this video. Strange? No because now we know that this was his Rolly Polly period when was super fat. Before the tats. If you watch closely you see ONE shot of his pupic as he walks by and FFS its HUGE!!!:blushing:
johnny marr
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