Johnny Marr w/Simple Minds, Pretenders, Bryan Ferry

Any footage up online? Youtube had a clip of JM w/Simple Minds at a Mandella concert at Wembley but it's down. I remember seeing him with Bryan Ferry on SNL many moons ago and my mom saying that Ferry looked like he was in pain. Never heard/seen anything about the shows he did with the Pretenders right after the Smiss broke up but I'm sure curious.


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Ferry always looks like he's in pain. Johnny, on the other hand, was at his prettiest in the "Right Stuff" video (and plays damn wonderful too). Dig it if you can:

P.S. Thanks for telling us about the SNL appearance: I didn't know about it, but I see that's available on You Tube as well.

EDIT: begging yer pardon, that isn't SNL but some British show that I'm not familiar with:

Another edit: D'oh! I didn't notice that Kochka already posted that British tv show clip, sorry. But whilst I'm here, do any of our resident guitar players know what kind of effect(s) Johnny is using on his guitar in this song?
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Did he actually do any live show with Ferry? The Saturday Night Live appearance was played live.

I've seen the cool Meat Is Murder clip but Marr actually was a Pretender for a short time right after the Smiths broke up. Apparently, he did a US tour opening for U2 in fall of 1987. I've never seen or heard anything from it. Found this pic though on

This lineup began a US tour in 1987 and included Bernie Worrell on keyboards. Only a few weeks into the tour, Bernie and T. M. were fired. Malcolm and Rupert were brought back in to finish the tour. By the time they'd reached South America, Robbie quit and Johnny Marr came in to replace him. In 1990, Chrissie, now the only Pretender left, began recording Packed!, again using various musicians. During this time, there were several lineup changes. The Hynde/Marr/Eller/Hood lineup seems to be the most valid, even though they never toured, and recorded only a few tracks together.

Johnny on Chrissy Hynde:
Chrissie’s a fascinating person. Incredibly complex. Really funny. And this amazing mixture of all things people assume that she is: ballsy, no-nonsense sort of balanced with this incredible femininity. She smells amazing. All the time. Chrissie is to England what I am to the States. It’s like she was born in the wrong place. Super attraction to England and English culture, as I did America and American culture. When she makes a pot of tea, it’s in a beautiful china teapot with great cups and it’s all a bit of a ceremony. Whereas I just can’t wait to get to Denny’s. But for me, she was really important. One of the things that people don’t know about Chrissie and myself is that my part in the Pretenders is 10 percent about the band and the music and 90 percent about my relationship to that woman. I met her at a time when I was fairly battered by the Smiths split and the things going on in my world with the media. And the manipulation of the media by certain people to make me look like the bad guy. I suddenly found myself hanging out with this person and I’m going, “Oh, things are tough. I’m bruised. Oh, I left my band. Oh, it’s really raw.” And her vibe was, “Well, two of my f***ing band died. And plus, I don’t even really know who your band are. Let’s go see some life.” It was an amazing thing to be around.

Just put it in a separate thread but check this SUPERCOOL vid of Talking Heads' "Nothing But Flowers" with Johnny....
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