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Johnny Marr/ New Order pre-sale info

Does anyone know the presale code for the Las Vegas Cosmopolitan show with Johnny Marr & New Order? I assume someone here is on a mailing list that divulges such info...


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Re: Johnny Marr/ New Order pre-sale info

Ah, answered my own question. You have to be an Identity member at the Cosmopolitan. Which you need an ID in person to do. If anyone who lives in Vegas wants to join (for free) before Thursday and share the password with fans here... well that would be good karma :)


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Johnny Marr Tour

Hi all,

For the Smiths fans who don't know, Johnny Marr is on tour. My friend from Virginia posted this on Facebook and I wasn't clued in on this fact. Anyway, the ticket cost for her show that she was going to go to was $20!! I then looked to see if he was playing near me in Vancouver, Canada and the closest is Seattle, Washington. That ticket is general admission costs $27...$31 with tax!!! Is that crazy or what?! I looked up the setlist on his tour and he plays at least 3 maybe 4 Smiths songs. To hear the jingle jangle of His guitar on the Smiths songs would be incredible to hear....and he picked good ones too to highlight this London for example!

Anyway, a chance to see the man who was the musical genius behind the Smiths for a low price.

Peace out! Ben
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