Johnny Marr & Tim Burgess / Charlatans at The Piece Hall (August 26, 2023)

Famous when dead

Just popping these here

With the view to updating the post should anything Smiths-related transpire.

Amongst other songs, Marr performed:
Bigmouth Strikes Again
This Charming Man
There Is a Light That Never Goes Out

He also joined The Charlatans for:
Plastic Machinery
Sproston Green
That's fab, Tim loves all sorts of music and did a brilliant version of You Say You Don't Love Me at the Pete Shelley memorial gig at the RAH with the classic Buzzcocks line up.
burgess likes NO, especially the technique album. the one free record they did a while back sounded very NO... it also ended up being easily one of their best lol

Johnny looks great and note to Morrissey - this is how you get your music played on the radio by making a personal connection, not by complaining about lack of airplay.
Jules Peters said she and Mike were on their way to this to see Johnny but she has not posted anything about it yet.
Edit - No pics with Johnny, just these all access passes and some other pics.
Screenshot 2023-08-27 10.18.56 PM.png
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Agree with this, beautiful venue, capacity is 5500 but you never have to queue long for the loos or a pint. Said it before, it would be great to see Morrissey play this place.


This was the chap Marr gave the 1k grant to at the start of the year, now in "The Height" band.
It looks like the Moz family were all at the Noel Gallagher and Primal Scream gig last night.
That's increddible! Good for Johnny keeping Smiths alive!

Yes, looks like he's playing a lot of festivals and doing local shows in between, fancied seeing him at Holmfirth as it's a fab venue but it sold out within an hour, new single Somewhere is pretty good in my opinion.

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