Johnny Marr slams "Classically Smiths" in Mojo interview

Johnny Marr slams ex-bandmates - The List
Johnny Marr has slammed the former members of The Smiths who planned to tour a classical version of the group's hits this year


Johnny Marr has blasted his former Smiths bandmates over their reunion project.

The iconic group announced earlier this year they were to reunite as Classically Smiths without the guitarist and frontman Morrissey for a series of orchestral shows with occasional guitarist Craig Gannon but axed the gigs after bassist Andy Rourke denied his involvement, prompting drummer Mike Joyce to pull out.

And now Johnny has admitted their proposal felt like being "burgled" by a former acquaintance and slammed his ex-bandmates for "plundering" their legacy.

He told MOJO magazine: "What a farce. That was so obviously about money.

"The legacy was being plundered.

"I wasn't consulted and that tells you all you need to know, I think.

"It felt like being burgled by someone you used to know. It's a good job those guys weren't running the band when we were actually together, else we would never have been able to get one concert together."

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Yeah but its OK when you and Morrissey cover Smiths' songs, right Johnny?
Johnny Marr and Morrissey > Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce.
Now Johnny should take that idea and run with it, but with a series of guest vocalists. He could even arrange the music himself. Something which the other three couldn't. Reverse burgle the bastards!
Of course, Andy could have carried this idea on his own. He WAS the Smiths. I'll never let his bass playing go without recognition.
Drama J and the Lawnmowers.
Everything about them is a fiasco. A catastropheo_O

I'm fed up of the way J Marr, considers himself the spokesperson for the group. Rourke has more talent in his little finger. I don't like Marr, I never have.
Especially Andy deserves a little something for his contribution to Johnny's sound with the Smiths. Did Andy help Johnny reach something we never heard again post Smiths?
I'm glad he didn't name names but it is still a big mystery to me what happened there with Andy pulling out.
Was he ever in? I still adore all four Smiths. Oh, I'd Shag em all good. Andy is so quiet. Never a word about M.
I would love to have seen how Classically Smiths would have ended up. Johnny is being a bit of a dick here.
I bet seeing and hearing Andy would have had me weeping.
Yeah its a mystery why Drama "Senior Snowflake" J didnt have Andy on his
CALL THE COMET:drama: CD? Very difficult to come to grips as to why.:popcorn:
A bit harsh. What was the harm in orchestral versions of Smiths songs with some former members? I think Johnny needs to relax a bit there. He created amazing music with one of the best bands ever, but they weren't out curing cancer or feeding the starving. It's just a concert.

You know with all this drama I'm getting a bit fed up with The Smiths right now, and am back listening to my vinyls of The Cure. I listened to '17 Seconds', '$ornography', 'Head on the door' and 'The Top' back to back last night with a beer. Pure heaven. Without the drama. Vote me 'off topic' if you like but I'm getting fed up of this 'Smiths legacy' crap. I think Johnny complaining about the legacy is harming it too.
How much money would it really have made anyway? I certainly wouldn't be interested in going to see them. They can't sing, write lyrics or write music in the way that Morrissey and Marr could, so where's the attraction? DULL.
Don't like Marr, Acton. Technically pedestrian, and somehow holding himself up as the most important member of the group. He was always distant, even in the early days. There are hundreds of guitarists better than him.
classically smiths

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