Johnny Marr Remembers the Smiths' Studio Albums - Spin


Johnny Marr Remembers the Smiths' Studio Albums - Spin

" 'I haven't talked about the Smiths today yet,' says Johnny Marr upon answering our phone call to do just that, "which is unusual." Such is life when you played guitar and wrote songs for one of the most iconic bands of the last 30 years. /.../

On the day we called Marr, though, talking about the Smiths was no burden. Rhino Records has recently released remastered versions of the Manchester quartet's entire catalog and Marr himself oversaw the remastering. To commemorate the occasion, we asked the eternally boyish-looking guitarist to reflect on the band's four studio albums."
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How does he have the patience to say this stuff over and over and OVER again? Every day/week/month of his life? Unbelievable.


He does? Does he happen to remember the many delights of Showaddywaddy too?


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This reminds me of that wonderful article in "Kerrang" a few years back called "Ozzy Remembers The Sabbath Albums". Here it is, in full.

Ozzy Osbourne said:

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