Johnny Marr rates Morrissey, Robot Brothels, and “The Great British Baking ” on over / under

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Wasn't the point of the segment to rate (over/under) the topics given? He failed at that. Only a few he rated; others he made describatory comments. And it looked highly edited. "Johnny, could you add a little more emphasis on that point? Hold on while we zoom in on you."

vegan.cro.spirit 222

Do you even know what a beaver looks like?

Of course not. Why would you know what a beaver looks like?
Especially up close...


giant beaver looks like DramaJ same teeth same furry noggin.:bow:
you too could have a furry noggin if not for the penny pinching.

vegan.cro.spirit 222

In your own way, you did a wonderful job of answering my question. :lbf:

I didnt answer your question I was suggesting maybe to put a cover on your dome.:rolleyes:
If broke DramaJ can do it you could do it too.:rock: put a wig on see how it looks.
post a photo here so we can:handpointdown: or:handpointup: it.
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