Johnny Marr plays Still Ill - on Radio 6 Live, 6th October 2014, BBC Maida Vale Studios

I happened to catch this on the telly while flicking this evening.
Hadn't 'tried' Johnny's vocals in a while, but reading reviews, here & elsewhere, the general consensus seemed to be 'no, no, he's really coming along nicely now ~ finding his own style, getting better all the time....honest' etc etc.


Yes, lovely (ie sublime) guitar artistry.
But the sound of pissing in mud has more sweetness & subtlety than that man's vocal. An abomination.

Perhaps live in a Lincoln shed, with a merciful mixer desk, shit speakers and a gut full of cider, it would be OK. But under normal viewing/listening conditions? Beware.

I flicked back at 'Getting Away With It'. He even made Sumner sound talented. A feat indeed :eek:
Monstrously good. I think Johnny's band is now ready for the Moz to take over the vocals. And that re-working of Getting Away With It is superb.
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