Johnny Marr plays panic (with the cribs)


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I'm an idealist....or is that a dentist? :rolleyes:


If it's just Johnny and the cribs, for me they could as well play "metal guru". If he wants to play it for the chords that is. :confused:
Johnny & the cribs do Panic

dunno if it's been posted before but Johnny Marr joined the cribs (?) on stage in Glasgae for 2 songs & 1 of them being Panic.


P.s. I assume this is off-topic (for some) but I think it's not!


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Re: Johnny & the cribs do Panic

Johnny Marr co-wrote 'I'm a Realist'?? :eek: I've been singing that song non-stop for about a week, bloody love it!

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He came on for the encore at the Manchester gig on Saturday and played 'Panic' too.

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Johnny so wants a reunion.....c'mon it!


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Does anyone know if Johnny is playing with the cribs still on the nme tour? they're coming to leicester uni and i reckon i can get a ticket 2nd hand, also my housemate is working backstage so might be able to get me a signature :)


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There's a two page article/interview with Johnny & The Cribs in the NME today. So you don't have to, I'll scan and post the article later.



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That's brill. I've been looking around a bit and turns out that Marr has been doing around 6 songs with them (not just I'm a Realist and Panic as he did at the Glasgow and Manchester gigs).

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