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    Link posted by an anonymous person (original post):

    Johnny Marr Is a Fan First and a Musician Second - Esquire
    The Smiths cofounder opens up about his new memoir, the music that inspired him, and his relationship with Morrissey.


    Well, a lot of people would not have wanted to collaborate with Morrissey. He's an unusual guy, and you were young—young guys are pretty unforgiving. But you didn't see him as odd, or see the things another young person might see and not like about him.

    I didn't really care about any of that. I just wanted a singer. We had a really, really strong friendship, right away. Let me put it this way: You don't just manufacture luck. If you're just sitting around fucking talking about it, it won't happen. I did actually have to go and find out Morrissey's address. I had to go back to the projects, and I had to knock on the door of strangers to get his address. And to get to that address, I had to get on a fucking bus, and ride for forever.

    I knew it was ballsy. But I had this spirit of rock and roll in me. It was this sort of rock and roll idealism, but I was by no means naive. I did plenty of walking around the streets at night kicking cans with nowhere to go. That happened a lot. And that kind of desperation can dampen your spirit, and I had to fight against it all the time. So I kept the juice going on a natural optimism. When my friends were shooting each other up, I had to just buck up and be on my own. That was tough. That was year zero, you know? That was pretty bleak. So, you know, I was putting my faith in magic. But I'd been through plenty that I knew what bleak was. I'd watched my dad everyday digging fucking holes in the road, and my mates with no jobs. And the only thing I had going for me was my guitar and positivity and my girlfriend.


    Any Smiths fan reading this would kill me if I didn't ask about your meeting a few years ago with Morrissey.

    I get it. What was great about writing about it was that, I think by accident, in just telling how it was, I almost demystify it. Because there it is, just two old friends sat in a pub. Very ho-hum.

    But to any fan, that story is apocryphal. It's, "Oh my God, where are we headed?" But actually, we're not headed anywhere, and it turns out it is just two old friends catching up.

    That's what I mean about demystifying it. I understand how people might see it, but I never went to that meeting with Morrissey with any intention or even notion that we were going to be talking about the band coming back together. But I was intrigued. And it was a really, really interesting conversation, and I was really, really pleased that we connected, and we did what we always did: We talked about what records we liked. There he was, talking all about Shocking Blue, who are a Dutch band, and I couldn't get him off that subject! And then I was talking all about Portland, Oregon—because that was a big subject for me at that time—and all the other bands I was into at the time.

    Well, that was always the basis of the relationship.

    Right. That's the thing we'd always had in common. Our personalities are still so different, though, so I guess nothing's changed. But it's one of the things people want to know about because it's an interesting story and for me to write my life story and not put that in the book would really just be fuckin' weird. And I'm glad to actually share it with people.

    For me the story feels like a period, but to other people it probably feels like "dot dot dot." I guess that's the difference: It's what people take away from it. To me it feels as though, even while you're telling it, you don't want to go backwards.

    Yeah, that's right. Musicians understand that. Sometimes fans don't. So I can understand to the outside world—to fans—that really what they would want to have next is for us to start sitting in meetings with a bunch of business people for about five months planning albums and tours, but that's just not going to happen.

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    1. Anonymous
      No, it's more about his influences growing up. However, he has listed the following in a recent interview:

      Five new bands you are listening to now?

      'The Answer'

      'You Said You Saw Us'

      Man Made
      'Raining In My Head'

      Thee Oh Sees
      'Flood's New Light'

      Holy F**k
      'Xed Eyes'
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    2. kissmyshadestoo
      OK, I took the bait........what are you talking about?
    3. Anonymous
      ...Shameless plug alert! :D

      Seriously Johnny, all we want is a fucking Christmas single. You could do all it in your kitchen. With Mike just fucking putting the kettle on if necessary.
      About the go-getter attitude, can relate to that.' cept I once rode a fucking bus for not very long and it led to... Nowhere. :lbf: Not to any smashing songs like yours anyways. As we all know.

      Also, I love how you never fail to mention your spouse. I'm a real fucking sucker for that. You're one clever chap, Johnny; you should be a politician.
      ...Ever fucking thought about running for President? ;)

      fucking Yours,
      some random Electronic fan.

    4. notawoman
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    5. ShyShy_Flower
      But why wasn't he asked about the supposed Unreleased Smiths songs that Martin Shkreli claims to have?
      The Smiths are dead, yet every article concerning poor Johnny is him answering the same question.
    6. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      I'm just saying... if Johnny's juice be orange and Morrissey's be vodka(no Tizer), everyone knows when you combine the two
      you get.... screwdriver. ;)
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    7. gordyboy9
      he makes out as if morrisseys an alcoholic because he likes a few drinks.i like a few drinks after a hard day at work as I'm sure mst people do.just because hes found a healthy lifestyle doesn't mean we all have to back later I'm off to the boozers for a pint.
    8. countthree
      "...that's just not going to happen."

      Well, RIP The Smiths... again.
    9. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      after work? Gotta try that sometimes,I usually have them right before I start work. :)

      if already posted then oops! just watching now ... interviewer not hopeful...

      funny, at 23:33 he kind of morphs into Morrissey in his gestures and the way he answers the question...
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    10. King Leer
      King Leer
      Good eye.
      The upper tip of the tattoo has been visible in most recent interviews but couldn't make out what it was.

      Two prison meanings for that one: "freedom" (goes with the title of his book) and the more vulgar "I swallow"...

      A great Moz b-side.

    11. Anonymous
    12. Anonymous
      "And when we're in your scholarly room, who will swallow whom?"
      Shockingly, I was so innocent when I first heard that song, it took me several years to realise this line was about oral sex.
    13. Anonymous
      It's not about oral sex. That line It's just another way of expressing lovers would "eat" each other just because they passionate
    14. Anonymous
      Lol! Yeah right - after grabbing mammary glands and a reference to getting 'head' on the conjugal bed, it's unlikely to be anything other than a pretty clear reference to swallowing gentleman's happy sauce.
    15. Anonymous

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    16. Ophelia in a coma
      Ophelia in a coma
      Five new bands you are listening to now?

      'The Answer'

      Very pleased to hear Marr is impressed with them. Really on the up in my opinion
    17. SomeTotallyRandomMozFan
      I just now finished listening to the amazing audiobook "Set The Boy Free" - Johnny Marr's Autobiography narrated by the man himself. It took me about a week of listening in my car during my commute and lying in my bed awaiting sleep. It was nine and a half hours of bliss. So refreshing to finally hear his story from him. I have read a few other books chronicling The Smiths and they were all good - but this one was the most real. Authentic. And I was equally fascinated by what he was doing before they formed in 1982 and after the band's break-up in 1987 - up until now. In the Smiths he wrote the songs that saved my life. And yet here is today 30 years later still making incredible music - spanning several bands and even movie soundtracks.
      He is a fantastic storyteller - and his story is wonderful. Thank you, Johnny.
    18. Anonymous
      Like you know moz more than Morrissey .
      Unlike the rest of his current band who are shit scared to say anything about Morrissey incase they get the. Sack . Marr was possibly trying to help by saying that . Morrissey is a huge pisshead has been for years , he's more an alcoholic than not one .
      Put it that way
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    19. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      " Like you know moz more than Morrissey "
      You don't think this isn't a bit ironic to say so? :)

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