Johnny Marr on whether The Smiths will reunite - CBS News with Anthony Mason

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    Guitarist Johny Marr on whether The Smiths will reunite - CBS News


    “What fans get surprised at sometimes is they assume you’ve been offered gazillions of dollars to get back together, and they can’t believe you won’t take it,” Mason said.

    “We have been offered gazillions of dollars to get back together,” Marr said.

    And they nearly did. Marr writes in his book that he reunited with Morrissey at a pub in 2008, and then “suddenly we were talking about... the band re-reforming.” But after a few days, there was “radio silence.”

    “For a lot of fans that will sound tantalizingly close,” Mason said.

    “Yeah. To be honest I was just enjoying having a kind of catch up with someone I used to be really close with 30 years ago. A long time,” Marr said.

    “So you don’t think it’s going to happen?” Mason asked.

    “No, I don’t think it’s going to happen, no,” Marr said.
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    1. Del Griffith
      Del Griffith
      Wow..Johnny and Angie have been together almost forty years now.

      Always thought Marie and I would be together forever..sigh
    2. The Seeker of Good Songs
      The Seeker of Good Songs
      It's funny that in all the Smiths clips they show, there is more Morrissey shown than Marr.

      Also, "Angie at times was effectively managing the band because they kept firing managers..." I don't remember ever hearing that before.
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    3. Anonymous
      I can't currently find the exact quote, but I do remember Morrissey saying something along the lines of 'The Smiths were me, Johnny and Angie" in one post-court case interview.
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    4. Anonymous
      Johnny should be applauded for breaking up The Smiths. They never got bland or boring and ended up with a great musical legacy.
    5. Anonymous
      At 2:40

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    6. Anonymous
      Anyone else having a hard time playing the CBS Marr interview? The link won't play. Same when I google it and go to other CBS links. The footage is not on YouTube either. Frustrating. Maybe it's my iPhone.
    7. gordyboy9
      say what you like about M his level of conviction has never wavered over thirty years.
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    8. hand in glove
      hand in glove
      I adore how he plays with his ear. Paul McCartney does the same thing.

      But, anyway, both Morrissey and Marr will be asked about a reunion for the rest of their lives, unfortunately. I love the Smiths, but I honestly feel that had they gone on, the music might have soured and they wouldn't be as loved and respected as they are today. For me, some of Morrissey's solo work is better than Smiths songs. His early work. Even though the breakup nearly killed him, I feel that it actually helped him to grow as an artist.
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    9. AztecCamera
      I reckon M&M Productions ltd.-Beverly Hills-Malibu-Los Angeles-Portland haven't done any of their "secret" acoustic corporate gigs at CBS yet.
    10. ACTON
      Not to be a deliberate contrarion (if that word doesn't exist it should) but I suspect that Johnny likes being asked about a possible reunion. It gives him a chance to say he met Moz about it in 2008. Later on he says they were offered gazillions to reform but it won't happen. All great soundbites and headlines for selling more books. The rhythm of life goes round.
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    11. Calamine Lotion
      Calamine Lotion
      One time she almost got them to wear face paint based on their astrological signs but the idea fell through,
    12. docinwestchester
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