Johnny Marr on The Smiths' legacy and Morrissey: "You can't change history..." - NME

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    Johnny Marr on The Smiths’ legacy and Morrissey: “You can’t change history. The songs are out there for people to judge” - NME


    Speaking of context, Morrissey has seen his music banned from record stores and posters removed from train stations due to his recent support of For Britain. Are you worried about a generation of people missing out on the music of The Smiths as a result?
    “No. I don’t think you can change history. I’ve said that before. I’m not worried. It’s got nothing to do with my world or my life. The songs are out there for people to judge, relate to and hear. I think that’s all going to be forgotten in a few weeks, as these things inevitably are – for better or worse. It’s always been that way. I understand the issue, but I’m used to stuff coming and going. I don’t worry about people missing out on the culture. That would be like saying to a teenage me ‘Are you worried about you and your mates missing out on The Velvet Underground?’ That was never going to happen. I know the way things go. Things come and go.”

    While we’re on the subject of Morrissey, did you see the biopic England Is Mine and how you were portrayed?

    “I honestly didn’t, and I feel bad because the guy who played me is a really nice guy and was really sincere about it. I just kept forgetting to watch that bit! I didn’t hear great things about the film, though. It just came and went for me. Luckily, I have so many things I want to think about that they distract me from all kinds of stuff.”
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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Kenmare, May 30, 2019.

    1. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun




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    2. Anonymous
      Ketamin = vegan
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    3. ForgotHowIGotMyName
      Who knows? If Morrissey devoted the rest of his life to political advocacy, by the time he died he might very well become best known for his politics with The Smiths being the footnote rather than vice verse. Sort of like Ronald Reagan's acting career (which was actually quite successful). Then you would have political scientists writing books about his later years.
      You never know. Things are about to get really interesting in the Western World.
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    4. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      Benny= :pileofpoop:
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    5. vegan cro spirit 444
      vegan cro spirit 444
      ordinaryduck=Soviet Skinny.:toilet:
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    6. StalinsPipe
      His band sound excellent and Johnny's voice is very good. Better than Morrissey's? No. But I'd rather hear Johnny and his band play Smiths songs than Morrissey and his. They just sound so much better.
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    7. StalinsPipe
      Yes, I'm sure Johnny Marr cries into his masses of money every night because he didn't make those albums, some of which are dire.
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    8. StalinsPipe
      And Johnny was more than a guitarist and song writer in those later years. He was the band's manager and producer of their music.
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    9. vegan cro spirit 444
      vegan cro spirit 444

      Puppet Politburo triggered.:crazy:

      if DramaJ is so flush why doesnt he have a proper label instead of his basement label "new voodoo":lbf:
      and his videos are cheapo.:lbf:

      poor penniless duck:lbf:
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    10. Whizz Kid
      Whizz Kid
      That's a great idea! I would love a high quality video release of the Smiths.
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    11. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      Yes, agree!

      Though would be a wise move if Jesse
      overdubbed some extra guitar to punch it up a bit.

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    12. Anonymous
      STOP SLAMMING JOHNNY! Without Johnny, you REALLY wouldn't be on this site, because you probably wouldn't know who Morrissey even was - unless you read music criticisms, or books about James Dean.

      That being said, Johnny doesn't want to be caught up in any kind of "Smiths-members" drama. Rather than defending his friend, he'd rather stay away from it. Can you blame him?

      Morrissey has a right to his opinions, period. Johnny respects Morrissey, that's why he didn't throw mud on him - he just offers no real opinion, other than the Smiths were timeless, and the quality speaks for itself. RIGHT! The Smiths ('82-'87) legacy has NOTHING to do with a former member's opinions in 2019. DUH! Wake up. Johnny and Morrissey RULE! So does Andy for that matter.

      Without Johnny and Andy, Morrissey wouldn't have such a quality canvas to paint on. In interviews, Andy usually says very nice things about the other two, while Johnny instead chooses to turn away, not throwing his hat in the ring (supportive or otherwise) ---- though he DID contact them both when he was remastering the box-set only recently, remember? He deeply respects Morrissey as an artist, there's no doubt about that. They were always different people.

      How can you hate Johnny? I mean, really hate the guy? It's impossible. He has never taken a stance on things as strong as Morrissey does, because he doesn't have the same conviction as Steven. Morrissey can stand alone, whereas Johnny would always be buzzing around, chatting people up, trying to make things happen. Johnny was the guy w/connections - Morrissey lived a solitary life.

      Easy to understand here.
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    13. Anonymous
      By the way, Johnny is a brilliant player. Know anything about Pentangle? Look up Train Song Marr on Youtube. The fact that he could play w/this band....oh boy :)
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    14. Anonymous
      You are an idiot, i recently have seen Morrissey and Johnny on tour and I can tell you that Johnny is not the one washed up. Its sad to see what has become our MOZ. I still buy the record only to have everything that he has ever put out. The last 3 albums are trash. Johnny's lyrics will never be what morrissey's were but the music is still great. Its good to support your heroes but dont be blinded.

    15. Anonymous
      Johnny is a cool guy - and I like the way he makes it clear he doesn't agree with Moz's views without dissing him in any way. He is right - this will pass. The Guardian article will line the budgie cage this time next week...
    16. Anonymous
      Well said. Johnny made Morrissey. He's a cool dude.
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    17. vegan cro spirit 333
      vegan cro spirit 333


      :handpointright::guardsman::handpointleft: eats because of Moz who pays out his Smith royalties. :lbf:

      he doesnt make royalties from those homemade sucko cds of his, LOL
      or those barely attended 'tours' of living rooms.

      thats why he limits his sorry tatted self to snide remarks.

      he claims credit for the smiths melodies when everyone on the
      planet knows MOZ made those melodies.
      Moz has made many killer melodies since yet DramaJ could write a melody
      if someone held him upside down by the foot.:lbf::lbf:

      poor money lacking twat.:lbf:
    18. vegan cro spirit 333
      vegan cro spirit 333
      O great, you recently saw the :microphone::frogface:??:lbf:
      did he have pizza pops in his mouth when he 'sang':frogface:?

      poor non singing twat:speaknoevil:
    19. Anonymous
      Well said. Johnny made Morrissey. He's a cool dude.

      Thank you. Kindness and respect around here go a long way, even from Anoms like us.

      Johnny unearthed Morrissey (MOZ's words). Without Morrissey you might not know who Johnny Marr is either. They are both special talents, and thank God they got together in the first place. They gave us timeless, era-less, and genre-less AMAZING songs. You can't ruin material that good with any kind of political nonsense, or other meaningless, opinion-driven garbage. The quality of the Smiths is everlasting, and nearly impossible to emulate.

      Now, if Johnny had gone solo LONG ago, he would probably have much more interest now than he does. The Messenger album was lovely. I played it on repeat for weeks. CRISP! I was SO happy to hear how good he sounded after all this time, and only on his own terms. One of the best albums of THAT year, and one of the best records that people haven't heard (from this millenium at least). However, I feel that in the most recent album, and the Playland one before it, he doesn't sound as inspired to write material as dynamic as the first one.
    20. Anonymous
      poor non singing twat:speaknoevil:

      Show some respect to a great artist. Do you think Morrissey would speak so lowly about Johnny? Both are amazing talents. Obviously Morrissey is the better singer, and Johnny is the better musician. Johnny does, however, have a sorta Lou Reed kinda thing when he sings. Not unlistenable in any way.

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