Johnny Marr on Solo Debut and Smiths reunion rumours - Rolling Stone


It's all good
Johnny Marr on His Solo Debut and All Those Smiths Reunion Rumors - RollingStone
'I've probably been asked about a reunion about 8,936 times'


Hearing Marr sing Smiths classics like "There Is a Light That Never Goes Out" and "How Soon Is Now?" is a little bizarre for fans so used to Morrissey's distinct vocals, but the guitarist enjoys his new role as a frontman. "You have more direct contact with the audience," he says. "When you're at the microphone, you can be more communicative. If I'm just playing guitar, I'm not likely to grab the microphone out of the singer's hands and start talking. That would be rude."

Even though he's willing to perform old Smiths songs, a reunion of the band remains a virtual impossibility. "I've probably been asked about a reunion about 8,936 times," he says with a big laugh. "I don't mind, though. I can understand people asking it, even if they're not actually listening to the answer. I also don't want to be impolite." Still, he's working on a new stock answer to the inevitable question: "I must just start saying 'Google it' when people ask me that."
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That version of There Is a Light was a bit lacklustre, I thought?



That version of There Is a Light was a bit lacklustre, I thought?


Well he couldn't sing to save his life so what do you expect? no pun intended


Forever Ill
I thought for a mniute it was written, Marr and the Rolling Stones, me thinks Johnny centainly would go to see them

but why ask Andy on stage to do a Smiths song?

yeah I know the 2 are friends before the Smiths time

2 cents minus 1 for the grammar mistakes


Love Johnny but he's got to stop singing. It's pretty unbearable.

"There's A Light" is completely plodding and flat as a pancake.

Please Johnny, stay away from the mic. I mean no offense but please don't ever sing again!!

PS: This watching commercials in order to enter a verification SUCKS. There's got to be a better way.

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