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    Dec 6, 2008
    Former Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr: Glasgow is one of my favourite places to play.. even though there were only 11 people at first gig -

    THE ex-Smiths guitarist tells of his affection for Scottish crowds despite playing to an almost empty room on Sauchiehall Street in 1982.


    “Our first gig was at the Ritz in Manchester and the Night Moves gig was about our fifth or sixth gig.

    “It was in Sauchiehall Street and I remember it well.

    "It was quite terrifying because the furthest I had ever been was Prestatyn.

    "I remember standing on the stage playing to that enormous audience of 11 people. It was an amazing gig because it was amazingly empty.”

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    1. Anonymous
      Could someone make a picture of them playing to an empty room except for Julia?
    2. Girl_Germs
      We welcome you to Scotland with opened arms Johnny! ;)
    3. celibate
      a year later the Smiths sold out every gig in the UK and Scotland, well most of them

    4. hectormcd
      Doesn't anyone else see the innacuracies in this article?

      1982? The Smiths only played one concert in 1982....their debut gig!

      Also, The Smiths were due to play Night Moves on July 10, 1983, but the concert was cancelled. Even if it had went ahead, more than 11 people would have attended as they had already released Hand In Glove and sessioned on John Peel. It's ridiculous! It just never happened.

      What is more outrageous is that the journalist, John Dingwall, commented that he was there with his friends!!

      It just didn't happen.....
    5. Bradder68
      I can't recall seeing any mention of a concert in Glasgow that early in the bands career in the number of books that cover the bands history
      I'd be tempted to believe Johnny but the journalists claims would seem spurious
      Wonder if any more will follow on this??
    6. Anonymous
      Yep this is bullshit. The Smiths concerts in Scotland were after fame only. I think they even played Danceteria New York first.
    7. Anonymous
      It was on 10 July 1983.
    8. Anonymous
      Perhaps neither Johnny Marr nor the journalist are as obsessive in their quest for precision when talking about things that don't really matter. So it wasn't 1982 and there were more than 11 people there. Big woop.
    9. Cornflakes
      I don't know what's more probable. Maybe Johnny has started remembering gigs that never happened down to details like the addresses of long defunct nightclubs he never went to. Maybe the interviewer wrote up an entirely fictional account of the conversation in order to impress his daughter and hoped that no-one would notice. Or maybe your information about the gig is just wrong.

      Putting 2 and 2 together, is it maybe possible that the venue had cancelled the gig, but no-one told the Smiths, so they ended up playing to a small audience?
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    10. jayeash
      I just thought the same thing. But it could be possible?:confused:

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