Johnny Marr interviews in The Mouth Magazine, Drowned In Sound

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    The question that seems to rear its head (and increasingly so since The Stone Roses reformed) is: when will The Smiths do the same? But I think that your legacy is best left intact where it stands, and in any case, despite the public appetite, it’s probably in keeping with the spirit of The Smiths NOT to do it. Both yourself and Morrissey have intimated that you feel the same way. The perception seems to be that you fell out with each other, irreparably, and the whole relationship was parked for good. But I understand you have been in touch in recent years? Bearing in mind that 25 years brings a lot of changes to a person, could you even imagine writing with Morrissey again – or would it be a pointless exercise due to the associations and connotations with the past?
    Well, those questions have either been answered many many times, or would take a year to discuss if I was so inclined. Who cares about all that stuff anyway? People seem to ignore the fact that I may have a lot of plans to do things and that maybe that might be more important to me as an artist, or as a person – going forward in life.

    Also, posted by MORRIZSEY:

    DiS meets Johnny Marr & Nile Rodgers - "The greatest artistic motivator in music is jealousy" - Drowned In Sound
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      I' ve found it today on Twitter, visiting Johnny Marr profile, it' s conversation (only question and answer) between Marr and a fan (I suppose):

      4 Aug Marty Cutten ‏@cutten
      @Johnny_Marr I know it's none of my business, but I hate that you and #Morrissey are not good friends. You created timeless beautiful music.
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      FavoritedFavorite 4 Aug Johnny Marr ‏@Johnny_Marr
      @cutten Who says we are not good friends
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      :thumb: agree with this.
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