Johnny Marr interview in SPIN mentions why The Smiths won't reunite, Classically Smiths

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Johnny Marr on His New Solo Album, Why the Smiths Won’t Reunite, and the Time He Almost Fell in a Volcano - SPIN
Maggie Serota // September 25, 2018


I’m not going to ask you if the Smiths are ever going to reunite, because I know the answer is no. What I will ask is, do you feel like you dodged a bullet not reuniting given the political positions Morrissey has taken recently?

I don’t know whether I dodged a bullet because of that. I just feel like we never reformed because we shouldn’t have reformed. I don’t like ‘dodging the bullet,’ because there’s so many reasons why we haven’t reformed. I think that’s fair to say, and I don’t think that would come as any kind of puzzle or surprise to anybody. I don’t feel like I dodged any bullets. And also we never really got close to reforming, except for a conversation that happened quite a long time ago.

What did you think of that “Classically Smiths” event that kind of fell apart very quickly with Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce?

There wasn’t really much time to think anything of it. I heard about it when everybody else heard about it, which tells you all you need to know, really. It was particularly disrespectful that I wasn’t consulted, and I kind of feel it was a farce in the way it went down, really. I thought about it how I imagine everybody else thought about it, that it was really kind of sketchy. That is disappointing to me, that the band gets chained to that kind of sketchiness. It’s a good thing those guys weren’t organizing the gigs when we were together, otherwise we would’ve never gone on the stage.


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Thank you for your gentility. Surface the turd tried to silence my opinion when all I did was express my disdain for Johnny's singing. The truth won out in the end.

So why didn’t you just say you don’t think Johnny is a very good singer rather than “The only wish I have is to never hear Johnny Marr sing again. It is cruel and unusual punishment” I don’t think he is a great singer either but there are ways of making comment without being inflammatory.

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Are you joking? "Hater" has only risen in popularity over the last ten years or so, if that. It seems to have become the go-to word to counter anyone that disagrees with them on about any subject.
Whereas "sketchy" has been around forever, certainly since I was a child, way back in the eighties.
But let's be honest, you are stuck so far up Morrissey's arse, that literally anything Johnny Marr says or does will evoke an instant response from you full of biased opinions, horrible grammar and those stupid f***ing emojis you use! You're not a schoolgirl, I'm assuming, so just cut that shit out!


"haters" of good music has been around since the 17 century FFS grow up:lbf:
"sketchy" was unknown until they made it up from that type of snowflake show, which by
the way, the snowflakes can hardly afford.:squiffy:
a confederacy of dunces, these DramaJ aficionados.o_O


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So why didn’t you just say you don’t think Johnny is a very good singer rather than “The only wish I have is to never hear Johnny Marr sing again. It is cruel and unusual punishment” I don’t think he is a great singer either but there are ways of making comment without being inflammatory.

You know what? Let's thank the lord that Johnny Marr wasn't blessed with a completely unique and amazing voice because then we wouldn't have had the Smiths or Morrissey. Thank goodness Johnny was self-aware enough at 18 years of age to realize that to achieve rock'n'roll immortality, he'd have to find a gifted and singular vocalist and lyricist to complement his extraordinary guitar work. How many talented 18-year olds would have been that ego-less and focused to realize that?


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It's just sneaked in there under the radar. I wonder if the music press will pick it up? A subtle but very revealing comment on the Smiths days. Makes you think there is much more Johnny could say, if he ever chose to.
He should write a book.



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The The or Electronic are hardly clowns.
Cribs and Modest Mouse maybe, but even they have some Marr-period greatness.
Johnny wanted to move away from The Smiths musically and he had every right to.
And yes, Playboys, was a bit of change for Moz too so I can see Johnny enjoying that.

If only Marr said something nice about Moz now, anything would do, and Moz could possibly be persuaded I think.
If you want to talk about Modest Mouse's greatest, I'd point you directly to The Lonesome Crowded West, and The Moon and Antarctica. I thought that while Johnny definitely brought something to their sound, the albums he played on were not their greatest moments.

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Oy, the return of the hillbilly savant.o_O

many magazines and blogs have picked up the version of There is a Loight!!! what a disaster!!
the few musically inept peeps that bought tix to the:frogface: teeny weeny mini tour will now be
turning their tix in for refunds!!:frowning:


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Fek reckon me was offered comped tix to John Maher's show tomorrow at the Ace and really debating if I should go and make a sign that says
"Jesse Rules!" Never seen him in concert just at the Venice Beach courts with Air Steve for the 2 on 2 Nike LA Brotherhood Basketball Tournament. I me reckon I kinda feel sorry for John Maher now how he loves Moz Angeles so much and wants to be Uncle Steve's neighbor in Malibu and be part of the rat pack with Day-Day, lil' Sammy, Jesse, Jonesy, and William Michael Albert Broad, but can't afford to live here and has to live in Portland, Oregon mate inn n n n nn n n nn n n n n n it.
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